Hamish and Andy: June 28

This week the boys are off to Italy, France and the Netherlands.

In episode three of Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year the boys are off to Italy, France and the Netherlands.

And Andy introduces Hamish to his hot pork sausage. Seriously.

Hamish and Andy head to Venice to meet and train with a professional gondolier before taking their own boat into the canals to pick up unwitting tourists in need of a lift. The boys quickly discover that the key traits of being a gondolier include good navigation and the steering skills to match, knowledge of Venetian history and a singing voice.

Back in London, Hamish and Andy have noticed that just about every Londoner knows an Aussie, and therefore think Hamish and Andy should know them too. Armed with Hamish’s faking skills and Andy’s technical computer abilities, the guys see how well they can bluff passers-by into thinking that they do indeed know their “Australian friend”.

Moving on to Paris, the city of love, the boys embark on a race against each other to see who can tally the most kisses, with different types of kisses earning different points.

It’s then over to the Netherlands, where Hamish and Andy visit the International Butler Academy, one of the finest private training institutes in the world. Here the boys join students for intensive training in etiquette, protocol and house manners as they learn about the life of a butler.

Seeking revenge from last week, Andy introduces Hamish to the German dish currywurst, a hot pork sausage seasoned with curry ketchup and generous amounts of curry powder. A whole sausage is often too much for one person to finish and the occasional ambulance has been called to rush unsuspecting victims to hospital after struggling with the heat.

Thursday 8.00pm on Nine.

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