Hamish and Andy: July 19

Hamish and Andy embark on a journey from Europe to Africa -on Aqua Trike.

The sixth episode of Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year will see them travel to Germany and Italy in addition to continuing their London adventures.

Next week will be the final Euro Gap Year episode, but the boys are expected to deliver 3 more specials for Nine later this year.

The boys find themselves on the main street of Wolfenbuttel in Germany where they take part in the ultimate test of strength, speed and endurance: a bus pulling competition.

In the latest “Races” challenge, they turn a visit to a local shop into a game of hide and seek.

Visiting France, Hamish and Andy seek out the inventor of Buggy Rollin’, a fledgling sport which takes in-line skating to the extreme by adding a number of wheels to full body armour.

Following last week’s purchase and testing of the Aqua Trike, Hamish and Andy travel to the south of Spain as they embark on a journey from Europe to Africa. Looking to write their names in the record books, Andy isn’t hiding his excitement. “We might be the first people in history to make it from Spain to Africa on an Aqua Trike,” he said.

“It seems like something heaps of people would have tried, maybe.” Hamish added.

Thursday at 8.00pm on Nine.

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