Hugo Johnstone-Burt headed to Summer Bay

Home and Away is upping the stalker-quotas again.

Hugo Johnstone-Burt is headed to Summer Bay, filming a role very different to those he has played on Cloudstreet and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

“I’m doing a little stint on Home and Away,” he told TV Tonight.

“I’m playing a super-creepy stalker guy.”

The NIDA graduate, who was last week nominated at the ASTRA Awards for both Best New Talent and Most Outstanding Performer (Male), says he is happy to appear in the Seven soap.

“I would never turn down my nose at it. I think it’s a great show. It’s great training. The people on it are fantastic. I’m working a lot with Ada Nicodemou who’s a lovely, lovely woman.”


  1. Troels Hartman

    Oh dear, another anglo actor for H & A.
    If you look at the cast it’s pretty embarrasing that there are no other races that i’m aware of inc. in this soap WTF !
    As Alf would say stone the bloody crowes

  2. @ JB, well he is starting his career.& he needs to make a living.
    Stop being such a snob,
    Besides Miss Fisher was only a slight step up from H&A. It was hardly great television

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