Seven sets Packed to the Rafters final

Channel Seven has set the finale date for Packed to the Rafters.

The series will end at 8:30pm Tuesday June 19th.

The finale will bring to a climax the storyline triggered tonight by a single kiss…

Winner and Losers‘ second season is expected to replace the show.


  1. I found the quote from Angus Ross when interviewed by David Knox: “Rafters will be a full-season run, consecutively, starting very soon. We’ll be giving viewers all that we’ve got. And we also have a full season of Winners and Losers.”
    A full season run, consecutively… Forgive the break for Easter non ratings and it is still not a full season!

  2. Think of what the alternatives are currently to Rafters and Winners and Losers that are half decent.Two Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men are comedies which also are family friendly and feel good but are stupid by comparison and don’t even get me started on the cruddy vile crime shows on 10.The only other real option one could put up with on stablemate 7 mate is the American Dad/Family Guy Marathons as a possible alternative.

  3. @ Scooter Melbourne. I too would have had a double Aussie draama block on Tues night. But we don;’t know how to upset viewers and programme shows haphazardly!

  4. I taped Rafters, havn’t watched it yet, but The Herald Sun have given away a plot twist with one little pic. As if Seven don’t give away enough plot developments with their advertising.

    • In their defence they haven’t published it until today. You can’t expect news outlets to wait or withhold every plot point. In fact when it is a big plot point then it’s all the more likely they will report it. If I had time I probably would have written it up myself including with a photo.

  5. I watch Packed To The Rafters but find the appeal of the show gone. With most of The younger cast going/gone and silly storylines I really don’t care that the show is going off air soon. Winners + Losers is a far superior show and all I can say is…..Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ScooterMelbourne

    David is correct, this year they ran the balance of last year’s series 4 (7 eps), had 2 weeks off for Easter than kicked of with series 5. If they end it as they have announced in a few weeks it will leave them with 12 eps of series 5 still to run, including the all important 100th Episode.
    So does this mean that next year we get the remaining 12 eps of series 5, all filmed this year and a new run of 22 eps for series 6, which is due to start filming in a few months, giving them a total run of 34 eps next year.
    I feel this will really upset the die hard fans, as their were some very strong opinions when they broke up series 4 last year for W &L, then bought it back but then finished it before the actual end of the series.
    But for all we know they might be only planning to break it for a few months, coming back in sept, after the Olympics, with the remaining 12 eps to see out the ratings year, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea, as long as the ep it ends on feels like it was a natural mini cliffhanger, as this could have been planned and scripted all along.
    I guess we’ll have to wait and see how the ratings for W&L are and what rafter’s does when it does return, be it later this year or in February 2013.
    Although i do think seven missed a trick and could have run Rafters and W&L back to back as a 1st run aussie drama block on tuesday nights, kicking of W&L series 2 when they kicked of Rafters series 5, as they both have the same number of eps in a series and I think could have had good figures for that Tuesday night, 2 hour slot of 1st run aussie drama.
    But what would I know!

  7. Why not run them both for 5 weeks and then slide W&L into 830? Poor Tim Worner still doesn’t seem get it. Both of these dramas are pretty ordinary and don’t really deserve so many seasons. What are they going to do next? I like to see the guy actually take a risk on something new – anyone can keep renewing proven warhorses.

    • Seven contends it will have played 17 eps of Rafters this year, but I was hopeful it would have run the balance of last year’s plus a full 22 eps for 2012.

      What they are doing next is A Place Called Home, already reported this. Also a co-pro with the UK. Last risk was a colonial bushranger series but the scripts didn’t fire. It’s fair to say other networks would give their eye teeth for the warhorses Seven has.

  8. Winners and Losers isn’t that bad.Two Years Ago they tried to fill the same slot with Greys Anatomy and it did way worse than the Rafters(I guess putting a full on Medical Drama on a Tuesday Night at 8:30pm is a bit much).I’ll be using catch up method when I get home from work to watch W&L.

  9. I don’t see why they can’t pair the 2 shows together for a bit. They don’t seem to have anything permanent in their 9.30 slot. How many eps on Winners & losers are there this season?

  10. So the interview David Knox had with a Top 7 Exec. who promised that Season 5 of rafters would run uniterrupted has lied! That means we cannot ever believe anything they say!
    I will enjoy the return of W&L, But I am extremely unimpressed. Thsi is why PTTR lost viewers last year!
    Why have they not listened and learnt from this mistake 🙁 ???

  11. Boooo seven! Why do they insist on doing this? Who keeps their channel alive? Viewers. Who are they slapping in the face? Viewers. Doesn’t make much sense to me. So long Rafters, no more seasons in my view especially if this is how they treat a show that’s been nothing but a ratings bonanza, apart from the last few seasons because they’ve been chopping it up!!!! Thanks for the vent.

  12. so much for giving viewers al the eps they had last i heard the finale for season 5 was about to be finished the week they made the season 6 announcement. There is no need for a break running your show consistently without disruptions is surely much better than a stop and start season

  13. ScooterMelbourne

    So much for channel 7 promising us we would get the full 5th season uninterrupted. This will leaves us with 12 eps of season 5 still to air. So if they run W&L from late June, which has 22 ep season that will effectively take the tues 830pm slot through to the end of the Ratings year, so does this mean that they are holding the rest if season 5 of rafter through till 2013 giving them 34 eps to run next year?

  14. Not again!

    So they are doing similar to the US and splitting the season in 2 parts. Surely they have another night they can put W&L on since they clearly don’t want to waste it at 9:30 after PttR.

    This has to be hurting the rating which as far as I can tell were down this year.

    Whats the bet in a few weeks the will release the first half of the season on DVD?

  15. so that will be a 10 episode season. they are not doing themselves any favours messing up the structure, loads of viewers wanted to grab the dvds to catch up after the show was gone for ages last time. but because they never actually completed the season there was no dvd released, costing them viewers and money.

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