The Block -twice in 2013.

Nine is set to air The Block not once, but twice next year.

Nine is set to air The Block not once, but twice next year.

So successful has the show been that Nine is planning an extra instalment.

But don’t expect two full seasons.

There is an absolute risk of saturating the audience and Nine is mindful of not falling into that trap.

After the failure of Excess Baggage could Nine finally launch its year off the back of the hit series? That would be a smart way to promote a network platform, and potentially take on My Kitchen Rules.

The other consideration is Easter, which is even earlier next year. There are only 6 weeks before Easter ratings next year, one less than in 2012. Networks will be looking for most flagship shows to conclude before Easter non-ratings.

The next season is tipped to take place in Bondi, 10 years after the original series in Bondi.

Open inspection for the current series takes place this Saturday and Sunday in South Melbourne.

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  1. What is wrong with channel 9, wont they ever learn, they have a couple of good shows and milk them to death no wonder they have financial woes, a real pathectic channel now to say that they were once the number 1, what was once my favourite channel dont have any time for them now, they have become very petty.

  2. @ Agent 86 I only watch Sun and a little of Thirs as I too only like the Reno and reveal, not the drama, challenges etc!
    The budget is irrelevant now with somuch cash on offer and no onscreen reveal of costs!

  3. Memo to Nine Program Director: There are only so many times you can go to the well before it eventually runs dry. Nine are the masters of saturation programming, as 2.5 Men and TBBT prove. Running The Block several times a year will dilute the brand and affect the ratings sooner rather than later, as MasterChef has proven. Seven are much smarter with this sort of thing. Their reality shows each run once a year, no more. That is how they keep getting respectable rating numbers and major longevity for them (MKR, Beauty and Geek, X Factor, AGT, TAR, DWTS, etc)

    @Bella, Nine makes so much money from advertising revenue and sponsorship deals for the show that the houses can afford to be sold for peanuts, it doesn’t matter, as they’ve made all their money back, and then some from the advertising.

  4. No.I thought Nine would have learn’t their lesson from the overuse of 2.5 men after the axe fell on Temptation/Sale of the Century for had it not been for the success of the Charlie Sheen Show would have been thirty something years running by now.For god’s sake Fix your 7pm Woes and put something on other than reality TV or done to death Sitcoms.

  5. I have (probably misplaced) hope that they will return The Block to its original premise – renovations by couples within a budget.

    I have no interest in the endless nonsensical “challenges” presented by the scarily bubbly blonde and it’s frustrating that so much of the screen time is devoted to purported budget troubles, but they no longer reveal what the actual budgets for the rooms are.

  6. One of the favorites so good to hear. They should have Big Brother, The Block, CA and the voice at the start of the year then shorter seasons of Big Brother: Celebrities, The Block: Celebrities, The Apprentice and the Voice Kids at the end of the year

  7. Nine are the kings of flogging shows to death… ie: big bang theory, 2.5 men.

    can we expect 2 seasons of BB next year as well?
    Block 2013.1, BB2013, Block 2013.2 then Celebrity BB???

  8. they should do some kind of diet 6 week spinoff version before easter then the 12 week version from September, it will be interesting to see how Big Brother fits into all of this.

    i have also heard talk that MKR is going to be pushed to later in the year in 2013, that would create more headaches for masterchef, and if The block goes up against The Biggest loser then ten is in for tough times ahead. 7&9 are beating ten at the game they started these days. they really need The Shire to be big.

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