Airdate: Countdown

Aggrieved fans of axed game show Letters and Numbers will get their first look at the UK series Countdown on SBS next week.

Aggrieved fans of axed game show Letters and Numbers will get their first look at the UK series Countdown next week, when the show begins on SBS ONE.

This is the long-running version of the original French format.

SBS axed the local edition citing cost-savings despite the show being cheap to produce. SBS copped a backlash from fans, especially followers of maths wiz Lily Serna.

Countdown begins at 5:45pm next Monday on SBS.

Countdown is the popular long-running British game show in which two contestants engage in a battle of wits, competing against the clock in a series of challenging word and number puzzles. Presenter Jeff Stelling is assisted by numbers whiz Rachel Riley along with word expert Susie Dent. Each program features a celebrity guest.

Since its debut in 1982, this British stalwart has achieved cult status in the UK and has broadcast more than sixty-five series. With over 5,000 episodes, it is one of the longest-running game shows in the world. The new series opens with special guest comedian Tim Vines (Sketch Show) assisting Susie Dent in the dictionary corner.

During the series heats, the winning contestants return to compete until he or she loses or has accumulated eight wins. The best contestants are invited back for the master finals at the end of the series. Contestants of exceptional skill have received national media coverage and the program as a whole is widely recognised and parodied within British culture.

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  1. I’ll give it a go. But I don’t think it’ll be the same.

    @Glennc yes it is. I just looked it up. Which is a shame as I would prefer it to start at 6pm, but I guess that wouldn’t work.

  2. SBS seems to be focusing more and more on British television shows at the expense of Australian and Foreign language productions.

    Letters and Numbers didn’t look like it cost millions to produce – so I cannot understand why it has been axed.

    I myself wont be wasting my time watching this British show.

    I hope the ratings plummet and SBS management realise what a cockup they made.

    Oh well – what do you expect from the same mob who saw the fantastic David and Margaret to jump ship to the ABC.

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