Update: Jeopardy, Letters & Numbers.

SBS is flipping two arvo game shows from next week.

SBS is flipping its two game shows Jeopardy and Letters & Numbers.

From Monday Jeopardy will screen at 5:05pm, with Letters & Numbers at 5:35pm -this reverses where both have been sitting.

Letters and Numbers (which I kinda feel SBS regrets axing) rates best of the two at around 50,000 metro viewers.

Jeopardy also screens in a longer form at SBS VICELAND at 7:05pm.

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  1. If SBS can film Mastermind, surely they can film Letters and Numbers. Both relatively cheap to make. Contestants win a dictionary on Letters.

    Am loving Jeopardy on air too. Very addictive watching.

  2. 10 years ago I would never have thought that SBS would show the US version of Jeopardy!

    I am hoping in the near future they might show the US version of TPIR and WOF. Yes, I am serious. Love them both.

    1. The episodes on SBS Viceland at 7pm are from approximately May 2018 –
      Don’t know whether these are reruns of the SBS episode an hour or two earlier.

      If they’re running the College Championships at the moment – then yes they are.

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