Australian Story beats The Shire debut

Ratings: TEN tops the night with MasterChef but The Shire is beaten by Australian Story.

All eyes today on the numbers for TEN, with its anticipated premiere of The Shire.

The show came in under the magic million at 913,000 viewers, and was down on its MasterChef lead in of 1.35m viewers. Considering all the publicity the show has had it might have enjoyed a stronger debut.

It was beaten by Australian Story on 942,000 and tied with The Amazing Race Australia (913,000). The Voice US struggled once more at 592,000.

Seven won the night with 29.2% then Nine 22.6%, TEN 21.9%, ABC 19.8% and SBS 6.5%.

Revenge was best for Seven on 1.34m viewers then Seven News (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.03m), Home and Away (954,000), The Amazing Race Australia (913,000), Body of Proof (727,000 / 375,000) and Deal or No Deal (579,000).

Nine News (1.25m) and A Current Affair (1.06m) both defeated Seven’s offerings. Hot Seat was 676,000. The Voice US was 592,000 and The Dark Knight movie was 481,000.

MasterChef (1.35m) topped the night. Also for TEN were The Shire (913,000), TEN News (717,000), NCIS (646,000), The Project 6pm (438,000) and The Finder (354,000).

ABC1 had a good night with ABC News (1.04m), Australian Story (942,000) winning its slot, 7:30 (852,000), Four Corners (816,000), Media Watch (700,000) and Q & A (611,000).

Tour De France was 230,000 for SBS ONE then Mythbusters (206,000) and World News Australia (182,000).

Heartbeat ruled multichannels with 339,000.

Today: 318,000
Sunrise: 316,000
ABC News Breakfast: 51,000 / 27,000
Breakfast: 28,000

Monday 16 July 2012

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  1. @ nikky – seriously, you are involved with the production in some way aren’t you? I am wondering of you saw the same show? Good stories? Maybe if they were real

    Mind you, agree with you 100% that being nasty to the people on the show is not the way to go. I assume you mean on facebook etc.? There are some very nasty people out there

    If anyone deserves our ire (not violence) then it is Shine and Ten who deemed this appropriate viewing. But in the end they do not care about what is appropriate, all they care about is cash. After all, they are the ones that said we’d “love to hate” the cast… so IMO, they are responsible for anything that happens to the cast members, they seem to me to be actively encouraging the hatred.

    Sad innit?

    Even sadder that the most interesting thing about the show, to me, is the ratings. I am interested to see if the ratings drop next week due to this week being a curiosity factor. I hope so.

  2. As a suggestion if you decide against the Tuesday Fringe experiment and many viewers complain next Monday or Tuesday about missing an episode. Then maybe do another double repeat the next Sunday. And point viewers on Facebook to it i.e. Episodes 9 & 10. So people could maybe catch up.

  3. I watched with full expectation of it being a little trashy, that is the genre. Not sure what people thought they were tuning in to with some comments. I will watch again as it is/will be a guilty pleasure.

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