Brad & Lara win The Block 2012

Brad Cranfield and Lara Welham have won The Block 2012.

Their house sold for $1,620,000 which was $506,000 above their reserve price. They won an additional $100,000 for landing the biggest profit.

All four properties sold for over $1million each.

Final results were:

405 Dorcas Street South Melbourne
Reserve Price: $1,114,000
Sold: $1,620,000
Profit: $506,000
Additional cash $100,000

407 Dorcas Street South Melbourne
Reserve Price: $992,000
Sold: $1,440,00
Profit: $448,000

401 Dorcas Street South Melbourne
Reserve Price: $975,00
Sold: $1,330,000
Profit: $355,000

403 Dorcas Street Soith Melbourne
Reserve Price: $966,000
Sold: $1,400,001,01
Profit: $434,001.01

The huge sales obliterated the anti-climactic auction of The Block 2011 when only one house sold at auction.  This year the sales topped the record for The Block held by John and Neisha Pitt, who earned a $205,000 sale profit in 2010.

The profit also makes the individual prizes some of the biggest in Australian TV history.

Brad and Lara also won a  Suzuki car, voted by home viewers.

“To tell you the truth, after winning the car we would’ve gone home happy even if we hadn’t sold. We’d just won $50,000 for the Tourette’s Syndrome Association of Australia on Monday’s Hot Seat, so we would have been thrilled to walk away just with that,” Brad said.

“Naturally we wanted the house to sell for a good price but we wouldn’t let ourselves get carried away dreaming about this kind of profit. Real estate sales can be unpredictable at the best of times and we always knew that was the case on The Block. Fortunately it went our way today. It has been a truly life-changing experience for us and all The Block couples.”

Lara said: “Before the auction I was so nervous I thought I was going to vomit, and as soon as it was over I was overwhelmed I did just that! Fortunately it wasn’t all over Scott Cam, but it was close.”

At the end of the show, host Scott Cam announced, “I am very pleased to say we’ll be back again next year with another great season of The Block. And next time there’s a twist – the couples are going to be All Stars, former Block couples.”

Nine also ran new promos for Underbelly: Badness, Big Brother, House Husbands, The Farmer Wants a Wife and a concert special Voices Reaching Out.

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  1. @ alts
    It just doesn’t make sense to say the reserve prices were based on the derelict houses. It would have to be market value of the renovated property.

  2. reserve prices were set based on the derelict houses, which is why they were low. plus nine would want to keep the reserves low so they achieved the outcome they did.

  3. @thedavemiester

    Yeah the Energy Watch guy was Danny Wallis the Founder and CEO of DWS Advanced Business Solutions, who recently bought out Energy Watch through a new company/consortium called Energy Watch International.

    You can read all about it here on the Smart Company Website (if links are allowed):

  4. I find it strange in this economic and housing climate that those houses would have sold above those reserve prices. Now know why it was not live, because if it was it probably would be the same result as last year being one sold. Nine will do the same with the Olympics and pre tape the Olympics so Australia wins all the gold medals!

  5. Did 9 also auction off the little house around the corner and keep all the profits? You could say the profits from that house would have gone to the couples as their prize money. Nicely played 9.

  6. A great win.Sadly Tomorrow It’s back to those Big Bang Theory Repeats.

    It’s a good thing I work a full week these days or can go to a library on a rostered night off to escape it.

  7. So has anyone done the maths – did the challenge house week make any difference in terms of placings?

    Regardless – glad Sophie and Dale didn’t gain an advantage from their rooms – razzle dazzle sure – but in a practical way their rooms in the challenge house would not have been liveable. Just thinking of the kids I know – stuff on the ceiling would Freak them out at night – kinda like The Simpsons “Can’t sleep – Clown will eat me!!”

  8. Call me suspicious, but I can’t believe in the current property market all the properties sold for that sort of margin over the reserve.

  9. steve sydney

    Okay Melbourne’s house prices are officially more absurd than Sydney

    no wonder they say it’s cheaper to live in either Paris or New York than most capital cities in Australia.

  10. So happy for Brad and Lara. Glad they won.

    That Energy Watch guy was am idiot. The other auctioneers ignored his odd number and rounded it.

  11. David, were you at all surprised but the results?

    Also, I really like how the The blocks main prize actually comes from the public instead of sponsors and channel 9, although energy watch may of been a big ad…

  12. Glad to see Brad and Lara win. I liked their house, and genuinely liked them (along with Dale and Sophie) as a couple. This has been by far my favourite series yet.
    Very much looking forward to the All Stars series next year.

  13. The winner of Mike and Andrew’s property was surely helping to advertise “energy watch” with his quirky bids and drawing great focus to him and the others wearing the same shirts. Smart advertising perhaps? Especially given energy prices and first day of carbon tax.

  14. thedavemiester

    Can you do a follow up to the fact that the energy watch bloke is actually the new CEO? Also how much iselect (Ew’s competitor) paid to be a sponsor?!

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