Dean Geyer joins Glee

Australian Idol graduate Dean Geyer is joining the cast of Glee.

Geyer, who also appeared in Neighbours and Terra Nova, will play Brody Weston, a ‘handsome upperclassman’ who shows an interest in Rachel (Lea Michele) in New York City.

It’s quite a coup for the South African-born 26 year old performer.

Glee has also cast Jacob Artist (Blue Lagoon: the Awakening, Melissa & Joey) as Jake Puckerman, the apparently just-discovered younger half brother of Puck (Mark Salling).

Also appearing this season are Kate Hudson in a six-episode arc, and Sarah Jessica Parker also will guest-star, in her first return to television since Sex in the City.

In Glee‘s fourth season, “the senior class is riding high from their Nationals win and enjoying a bit of popularity, while the graduating class leaves the comforts of McKinley for the cruel streets of New York as they open a new chapter and continue chasing their dreams.”

UPDATE: Chord Overstreet also returns as a regular after his part-time stint in Season 3.

Source: TV By the Numbers


  1. @[email protected] have to put my hand up here. I made comment that i feel now a bit harsh. I had been reading a story how a lot of famous people in the UK use auto tune. When i seen this story about Dean i was quick to jump the gun and be negative. I did see Dean a long time ago on Idol and have not seen his work since. I was a little frustrated because you see lots of really good singers on talent shows that are not given a go because they dont have hollywood looks. I do think i have a point regarding this but in no way should i of knocked Dean as i do remember him as a really nice guy with potential. It can be too easy on social media to just throw a line out there but we should think first. I have made lots of comments on this blog and this is the first one i would take back.

    • I’ve certainly approved plenty of comments where I think “wow that’s harsh” and it’s very easy for people to be negative behind keyboards (as we see across the net). A lot of people make judgments on one acting role, one song, one casting etc without any consideration for what goes on behind the scenes. But today you do get points for honesty.

  2. Yes, David, without meaning to over-generalise, I find there are many people who post on this site, or anywhere for that matter, only too keen to knock anyone and anything. Simple matter is, it’s generally where they’ve come from (a soap, a reality show, talent show, etc) that colours their views, but again, why?

  3. steve sydney

    He also was in the movie Never Back Down 2 – not a Hollywood blockbuster but I think he’s on his way to becoming the most successful Aus Idol contestant to date.

  4. Just to clarify – I wasn’t actually having a go at Dean (despite the comment about ‘Unforgettable’). As an absolute Australian Idol tragic still to this very day, I love seeing our former Idols doing well. I’m genuinely stoked for the bloke.

    I’ll be interested to see whether he’ll be playing an Aussie (and if so, whether he’s shaken the South African accent he still had a tinge of on Neighbours), or whether he’ll be playing an American?

  5. I think Dean Geyer is a solid guy. As a Christian myself I respect him for sticking with his Christian beliefs in a very secular industry.

    I think he’ll do well on Glee and will be a great fit with the show

  6. I only remember him from Idol (I think he did a back flip?) Anyway it’ll be interesting to see how he goes in Glee. From watching The Glee Project it looks like a lot of time and effort goes into the characters.

    • Some pretty unfair comments here. Geyer has worked hard since his Idol days, learning the ropes via Neighbours and holding his own in Terra Nova. Glee obviously thinks he will fit in well with his acting and singing, so I’m happy to give him the benefit of the doubt based on work thus far.

  7. I was never a fan of Dean’s on Idol or Neighbours, but good on him for getting the gig. Well done.

    I wonder what Ryan Murphy thought about that horrid ‘Unforgettable’ song Dean sang practically every second episode of Neighbours? LOL.

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