MasterChef thumps Australia’s Got Talent, The Voice (US).

Ratings: It looks like viewers won't be swayed from the MasterChef kitchen/s in its final weeks with the show thumping the opposition in the early evenings.

It looks like viewers won’t be swayed from the MasterChef kitchen/s in its final weeks with the show thumping the opposition in the early evenings.

With The Block gone and too many having missed early episodes of Australia’s Got Talent because of The Voice, they are now locked onto TEN’s reality cook-off. Last night it pulled 1.33m viewers while AGT was 918,000 and The Voice US slipped further to 584,000.

Seven won the night with 29.3% to TEN 26.2%, Nine 19.9%, ABC 15.2% and SBS impressed with a very strong 9.3%.

Seven News was 1.28m for Seven followed by Mrs Brown’s Boys (preliminary figure of 1.1m) -but the show began 20 minutes late. Today Tonight was 1.07m, Home and Away (946,000), Australia’s Got Talent (preliminary 918,000), Deal or No Deal (597,000), Smugglers (362,000).

Aside from Masterchef (1.33m) TEN pulled an impressive 1.09m for Offspring‘s romantic finale. TEN News was 698,000, The Project 6pm was 491,000 and House was 446,000.

Nine News was 1.15m, then ACA (982,000), Hot Seat (657,000), The Voice US (584,000), The Mentalist (437,000). Tricky Business had its lowest ever audience on 311,000.

ABC1 was under the magic million with ABC News (942,000), 7:30 (642,000), Myf Warhurst’s Nice (522,000), Qi (473,000), Randling down to just 363,000, and At the Movies (362,000).

SBS ONE had one of its best nights all year with Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (399,000), Tour de France (348,000) and Wildest Africa (315,000).

Sunrise: 305,000
Today: 262,000
ABC News Breakfast: 43,000 / 24,000
Breakfast: 32,000

Wednesday 11 July 2012

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  1. @Blomers – I doubt it. I agree Tricky Business was never given the best chance but I don’t think it was just the timeslot shuffling that’s killed it. It’s a flawed show.

  2. Now that the Voice US has flopped for Nine it will inevitably make its way to GO! So…here is GO’s daily programming for the rest of the year; 6pm: The Voice US (to be then replaced by next reject show from Nine), 7-9:30pm back-to-back repeats of Big Bang Theory or 2 1/2 Men (whichever one hasn’t filled it’s legal quota yet), then at 9:30pm a movie from the 80’s (or the 90’s if were lucky) or if it’s a special occasion replay the movie that was shown on Nine just a week earlier. How can Nine go wrong?

  3. @ A. lets cross our fingers and hope the shows we enjoy stay where they are because these days they could up anywhere.Also just want to add that i cant believe AGT is still going.Seems like its been on our screens forever

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