Mid-year ratings: Seven, Nine score.

Seven leads in Total People, Nine leads Demos. And Seven almost pulls off a hat trick for last week.

With 20 out of 40 official survey weeks now run we are now at the mid-point for 2012.

The network results (*subject to additional timeshifted data) excluding Easter are:

Seven: 30.5
Nine: 28.2
TEN: 19.8
ABC: 16.1
SBS: 5.4

Nine: 31.1
Seven: 29.6
TEN: 24.1
ABC: 10.6
SBS: 4.6

Nine: 31.5
Seven: 29.6
TEN: 25.1
ABC: 9.5
SBS: 4.2

Nine: 31.7
Seven: 29.6
TEN: 26.4
ABC: 8.6
SBS: 3.7

The Voice: The Winner Announced is the single biggest audience of the year at 3.32m viewers.

But last week Seven won in Total People and in key demos. It almost pulled off the hat trick, by winning every night, 4 of 5 cities (Nine won in Sydney).

Seven Network was 30.4% to Nine 24.3%, TEN 21.3%, ABC 16.3% and SBS 7.7%.

Seven News (Sun: 1.51m, weeknights: 1.26m), led for Seven then Sunday Night (1.38m), Downton Abbey (1.35m), Revenge (1.33m), Billy Connolly’s Route 66 (1.18m), Mrs Brown’s Boys (1.1m), and Today Tonight (1.08m).

Domestic Blitz (1.67m) was the week’s #1. Nine’s other performers included Nine News (Sun: 1.55m, weeknights (1.18m), 60 Minutes (1.28m), Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year (1.09m) and ACA (995,000).

MasterChef‘s best was 1.4m for Sunday. Elsewhere Offspring pulled 1.07m, NCIS (831,000), Modern Family (813,000), Last Man Standing (788,000) and TEN News (743,000).

On ABC1 it was Australian Story (1.07m), ABC News (weeknights: 942,000, Sat: 923,000), Four Corners (827,000), Media Watch (744,000) and Silent Witness (740,000).

Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve pulled 403,000 for SBS ONE then Tour de France (Stage 10 ranked highest at 370,000), plus Wildest Africa (315,000) and The Race that Shocked the World (313,000).

Seven’s primary channel was 22.4% to Nine 18.1%, TEN 15.5%, ABC1 11.9% and SBS ONE 7.0%.

7TWO topped multichannels with 4.2% then 7mate 3.8%, GO! 3.6%, ELEVEN 3.1%, ONE 2.8%, ABC2 2.7%, Gem 2.6%, ABC3 0.9%, ABC News 24 0.8% and SBS TWO 0.7%.

TEN defeated Nine on Tuesday and Wednesday, but ABC beat TEN on Saturday.

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  1. Nine wins the half point mark taking al 3 demos and beating Seven in their own measure of success: 25-54.

    But, they’ve dropped the ball after the Voice. Will Olympics and Big Brother be enough to keep them #1 till years end?

    It’s gonna be close!

  2. I think 9 has 16-39 in the bag for the year, 7 has total people in the bag. 18-49 and 25-54, 7 can still catch up if their stars align. they are not as far behind as i thought.

    Last year while the block was huge every night for 9, 7 won every single week, and most of then in demos too. i think that is what we will see for the rest of the year with Big Brother. BB will be huge but 9 dont have anything for 8:00 onwards planned giving 7 the opportunity to come out on top.

    i find it odd that ten, the network that bangs on about the importance of demos the most, is coming a distant 3rd by all measures, long gone are the days where ten would always win 16-39 and be competitive in 18-49.

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