Rumours rise on Breakfast

All staff members on TEN’s Breakfast have been summoned to a meeting this morning at 10am, according to media reports.

A crisis meeting has been called for 10am today according to the Daily Telegraph, leading to speculation the show may be facing the axe.

An email was sent to staff members at 7pm last night according to the newspaper.

The show continues to struggle in the ratings, last week averaging 36,000 viewers to Sunrise‘s 358,000 and Today‘s 321,000.

Last month TV Tonight revealed the exit of presenter Andrew Rochford and producer Majella Weimers.

TEN has maintained it is in the breakfast battle “for the long haul.”


  1. oztvheritage

    I have one question – Lachlan, are you reading this blog…or if not, can somebody send it to him please.

    Listen to the audience Lachlan. The people that are making you money!!!

    Get rid of Henry and you will save costs and make more money!!!

    And some of those savings can go into designing a set and graphics that people feel comfortable about watching at 6am. It’s too bright, cold and uninviting.

    It is not rocket science…but give us a call if you need to. More than happy to have a chat.

    oztvheritage (you tube channel)

  2. bettestreep2008 , Hamish has been groomed for bigger and better things at Ten aka Ten Late News. However, it hasnt been the ratings success story many would have been hoping for. Surprisingly he comes across as cold and arrogant on “his show” which he has an awful lot of creative control over.

  3. bettestreep2008

    mistaken – what a fantastic idea.

    Hamish McDonald and Natasha Belling are fantastic news readers and both are very easy on the eyes and ears.

    Hamish certainly should be groomed for bigger and better things at Ten – but the management types are too busy fawning over Andrew Bolt, Steve Price and Paul Henry unfortunately.

    Hamish will eventually move to ABC or SBS where his extraordinary talents will be better utilised.

    Unless he is more interested in the big bucks and then it’s over to 60 Minutes or Sunday for the talented and gorgeous young man.

    Either way – if Ten don’t use their actual talent better – they’ll all be jumping ship real soon.

    And will Gina – the white knight – come to Ten’s rescue then???

  4. I’d programme the CH 10 TV guide this way:

    6-830 Fresh Dawn (New name)

    830am – 11am Brunch with Kerri- Anne

    11am -1130am Ten Morning News with Ron Wilson

    1130am Entertainment Tonight

    Midday – Dr Phil

    1pm – The Doctors

    2pm Read Steady Cook

    3pm Judge Judy

  5. Kerri Anne Kennerley Channel 10, KAK. She will get your revenue up and prop up the morning slot. Once she’s off contract at Seven – ten should get her. KAK was in the same position at Ch 9 in 2001 when they put her show on.. And she’ll do it again if you make the call to her. It will work ten!

  6. If Breakfast was an Australian drama, it would have been axed months ago. Ten could always replace their Breakfast hosts with other network talent like …, uh … Lara Bingle and er… Josh from TBYG! Call it BreakY and target the Gen Y demographic. Or not.

  7. I won’t have a comment here as long as the last one I left here for Breakfast… but firstly get rid of the name, Good Morning Australia, everyone else says and the GMA name has a global brand. Get rid of the hosts, I don’t like saying give people the boot, but I tried Paul Henry and I don’t like him and Kat Robinson, she seems nice and no doubt is a good news reader; but doing a variety show doesn’t gel for her. Keep Ron and Magdelena. Get rid of the set, something modern and has the feel of the fish bowl set allowing people to see what the city is doing!
    I know other people show the same feelings and others have more views. I know some of these comments are long, but I think it shows the passion that some people have to an Aussie produced show do great.

  8. I’ve tried very hard to watch Breakfast but can’t manage more than 30 mins. If they’re serious about being in it for “the long haul” then Henry and Robinson need to go. New hosts, MacDonald & Belling.

    MacDonald has not been the success story that Ten were expecting in the Late News slot. Everything was set in place for him, new format, flash set & graphics, 10:30pm start time and the most he’s managed to rate is 239000. Previous version when starting at 10:30pm easily rated over 320000. The week Belling hosted had the most consistently high ratings and feedback via social media since the revamp. All the gimmicks in the world wont overcome the fact that MacDonald has zero rapport with his co-hosts, comes across as arrogant and cold. He’s gotten caught up in his own hype. Rumblings of unrest behind the scenes persist.

    Put Sully back behind the Late News desk where she belongs & where she will bring back loyal viewers and bring in more as the new format is right up her alley. Sully could do the job of MacDonald & Kitson. McEwan for sport.

    MacDonald and Belling have a natural rapport, mainly because she keeps him grounded. They would make some headway into the breakfast market.

  9. bettestreep2008

    Well well well.

    Some time ago I predicted that Paul Henry will be immune from any sackings at Ten because Murdoch would be unwilling to admit he made a mistake hiring him in the first place.

    Sure enough – the entire cast and crew at The Circle have been sacrificed in order to keep Henry around for a lot longer.

    Heck – wouldn’t be surprised if the next shake up at Breakfast sees Henry be joined by Steve Price and Andrew Bolt in the mornings.

    That’ll surely make Gina happy.

  10. Breakfast still has potential – give viewers a real choice between the old exisiting shows and something new and fresh – oh, and make one other critical change – remove the show’s big turn off, Paul Henry and replace him with a non-poltical, unbiased, informed host who does not aspire to be a shock-jock and who does not believe his/her opinion is the what viewers want to hear!

  11. Maybe if they get Magdalena to dress in tighter outfits? Oh c’mon, you were all thinking it….

    If they lose the Kiwi they’ll go a long way very quickly. Ten must have some chatty, witty urbane types left in the pool, surely? Perhaps bring back David and Kim? 🙂

    I actually don’t mind it too much now, it’s not nearly as annoying as the 7 and 9 offerings and the editorial is unique, which is something.

  12. Social media has nothing to do with the shuffling going on at Breakfast. The blame can be laid fairly and squarely on Paul Henry and Murdoch that thought hiring him was a good idea!

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