Sinbad sails to ABC

UK Adventure series Sinbad, originally set to air on Nine, will now air on the ABC.

A BBC Spokesperson told TV Tonight, “ABC have now acquired Sinbad. We took back the rights from Nine and sold to ABC, Nine did not on-sell the title.”

Nine announced acquisition of the rights in 2011 and was still flagging it as part of its 2012 line-up in January.

The SKY1 series began airing earlier this month in the UK.

No Airdate has yet been announced.


  1. Maybe BBC made a mistake? It could’ve sold to ABC first considering they have a program output deal with BBC? Much like the mistake made when Comedy Central sold Colbert/Stewart to ABC2 in 2010.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    Why couldn’t this have happened with Episodes?

    And Sherlock. Mr Sunshine. Fringe even.

    Just need to let the Top Gear rights lapse and all will be right again.

  3. @ jezza the first original one – Totally agree, and same thoughts. Guess BBCWW would only take it back if Nine hadn’t paid for it. Olympics anyone? (LOL)

  4. jezza the first original one

    I guess this is great news as it will now be shown with no adverts. Is this a financial problem for ch9? Is their huge debt mountain now begining to impact upon their programming? Something is certainly wrong when they have just capitulated for the 3 weeks leading up to the Olympics and plugged the gaping holes in their schedule with ratings disaster Voice USA…just a thought..

  5. Lol @ Nein. No room on their schedule for alternative programming when they have BBT repeats and The US version of the voice dominating their schedule

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