Trimmer, slimmer Kath & Kim.

We won’t be getting new Kath & Kim adventures on the small screen after all.

Despite teasing us about a return nearly a year ago, Gina Riley and Jane Turner have settled on filming new introductions to rerun episodes, which will be showcased on Seven as Kath and Kim: The Souvenir Editions.

Seven says these “will be presented by members of the Kath and Kim family and include never before broadcast Kath and Kim footage.”

But they have confirmed there will be no new episodes.

Set to screen “soon” it’s obviously just a ploy to help promote the film Kath and Kimderella, which opens in cinemas on September 6.


  1. Oh please 7, don’t try to pad them out like you did with ‘The Faulty Towers Hour’ all those years ago when you took a 28 minute show, and after plugging in the adds, had to stretch it out to an hour.

  2. A waste of time..When the series was shown, the newer the episodes, the least funny they were..Kath and Kim ran out of ideas and became was a pity because they were so funny when they were first shown

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