Bumped: TEN revamps schedule

Breaking news: TEN has revamped its schedule in the wake of dire ratings for Everybody Dance Now, and heated competition.

As tipped by TV Tonight, major format changes will be made to the show from Sunday night. It will now run for one hour (more changes below). It has also stripped Modern Family repeats at 7pm weeknights and changed the premieres for Don’t Tell the Bride and I Will Survive.

6.00pm – The Project
6.30pm – MasterChef All Stars FINALE (90mins special)
8.00pm – Everybody Dance Now S1 Ep4 (new time)
9.00pm – Sunday Night Movie – A-TEAM (new time)

6.00pm – The Project
7.00pm – Modern Family RPT
7.30pm – Don’t Tell The Bride SERIES PREMIERE (new day, new time)
8.30pm – Can of Worms SERIES 2 PREMIERE
9.45pm – The Shire Ep6 (new day, new time)
10.25pm – TEN Late News

6.00pm – The Project
7.00pm – Modern Family RPT
7.30pm – I Will Survive- Priscilla SERIES PREMIERE (new day, new time)
8.30pm – NCIS RPT
9.30pm – NCIS: LA S3 Ep13 RPT
10.30pm – TEN Late News

6.00pm – The Project
7.00pm – Modern Family RPT
7.30pm – I Will Survive- Priscilla S1 Ep2 (new day, new time)
8.30pm – Puberty Blues S1 Ep2
9.30pm – Class Of… S1 Ep2
10.30pm – TEN Late News

6.00pm – The Project
7.00pm – Modern Family RPT
7.30pm – Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals RPT
8.30pm – The Game Plan NSW/QLD & Before The Game SA/VIC/WA
9.30pm – Law & Order: SVU S13 Ep2 RPT
10.30pm – TEN Late News

6.00pm – The Project
7.00pm – Modern Family RPT
7.30pm – The Living Room S1 Ep16 (new time)
8.30pm – Friday Night Movie

6.00pm – The Simpsons RPT
6.30pm – Movie TBA

Amended: TEN will also replay Puberty Blues this Friday night at 9pm.

“It is not unusual for television networks to change programs. For some time now, we’ve talked about creating more programming options for TEN and moving away from the ‘one bet, one punch’ mentality of old,” Network TEN Chief Programming Officer, David Mott, said.

“These changes highlight that strategy. We are re-setting Everybody Dance Now. But it clearly remains part of the TEN schedule, along with other exciting new local programs such as Puberty Blues, I Will Survive, Don’t Tell The Bride, Class Of, Reef Doctors and Come Date With Me.

“We believe in the Everybody Dance Now format. We have listened to the feedback from viewers and we are working with production company FremantleMedia to reset the show and make it more engaging for viewers.”

Changes to Everybody Dance Now format will see the show shortened to one hour playing once a week only. It will now have three dance duels. The studio audience will choose one winner on the night to take home $10,000. The remaining two teams will enter a Wild Card vote by the viewing audience.

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  1. Ten needs to fix itself up.You had Taken Out and Project as the first steps in ditching the done to death sitcoms at 7pm.They need to find something long term at that hour and not fall back into old habits(Modern Family won’t last forever and then what they have to start again from scratch).Their after school schedule needs a fix too 4:30pm when I was a preteen in the eighties was Wonder World or Double Dare Time None of this Bold and the Beautiful nonsense Move that back to 1pm and think of the younger generation and those with school aged kids too.

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