Conan shifts to GO!

Conan will shift from GEM to GO! from next week.

Conan will shift from GEM to GO! from next week (which frankly is where it should have been all along).

The US late-night show will air from 11:50pm Wednesday night.

This pits the show against The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on ELEVEN and before the delayed screenings of  Letterman on TEN.

Letterman fans have spoken loud and clear about their preference for screening after TEN Late News, but TEN would rather serve up tired old reruns of Ally McBeal instead.

Maybe GO! will reap some of the rewards.


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  1. @Kevin

    Conan is on cable in the states. Rating models are completely different. You can’t compare.

    If you used that mentality, Game of Thrones, Break Bad, Mad Men. None of those shows would be hits based soley on the ratings.

  2. I’m 100% Team Coco and never really liked Leno I just want to see some of the guests without having the try finding them on YouTube, which are hard to find. I agree you about with Kimmel.

    Most talk shows I watch just the guest appearances only a few like Ferguson I watch the whole show. I know Conan has a lot online with no restriction on access for the clips, but the whole eps are blocked here. I wish other talk shows has easy access like Coco.

  3. @Craig Leno is a Robot and sucks. Team CoCo!

    Read the books “The Late Shift” and” Late Night Wars.” For an insight.

    Well he doesn’t really suck as bad as we make out, but his show just doesn’t get the younger demographic. It lacks edge and originality. He’s ripped off so much stuff from Letterman, Stern and else where. To see really how bad his joke writing is, the Kimmel parody was gold!

    I wish foxtel added who the guests are for Conan, Craig and Letterman. Also someone should pick up Kimmel.

  4. Ally McBeal series finale aired last night on Ten. Are they starting from the start again?

    I actually liked watching Conan in HD so will be disappointed its shifting to GO!, but happy that it is still actually on at all.

  5. What is Nine up to?

    First because of the Olympics Conan replaced, fair enough but why not move it to a daytime slot or just move it to GO! 2 weeks ago? Conan was one of the few US talk shows still on the last 2 weeks and not in re-run. And now ironically Conan is in re-runs in the US from next week, maybe thats the reason for the move?

    Going buy the EPG we’ll be getting the same re-run shows as the US, maybe they will repeat the ones Nine missed?

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