Oops. “No apologies for the fact that your show has so few viewers.”

A rep from the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union interviewed on Breakfast this morning didn’t take kindly to Paul Henry’s question.

Here’s what went down.

Wait for the final moments…

Source: Mumbrella


  1. Its not about outrage, its about audience share.

    The cynic in me has very reasonable excuses for the lack of outrage, firstly they are not a threat ratings wise and giving them any publicity, any at all will lift ratings.

    The rival networks will not do anything at all unless they think they can siphon off viewers or ride on the coat tails of a hit opposing show.

    Never forget TV is a business first and foremost.

  2. @gregaus… I have a dislike at being asked a question and then that person filling in the response and deciding what I think rather than waiting for clarification. I entirely reject your assertion that begins your second paragraph.

    What I deplore is the fact that various media and politicians did not come to the party with the same response that has been given to the Charlotte Dawson case after various teens have suicided after being cyber-bullied. Yes, those sad incidents were reported upon, but there was not the full blown response as was seen this week. Same with Kyle. He abused a range of people but suddenly, when a news.com.au reporter cops it, the media reared up and bayed for blood.

    Re Henry, I said I didn’t accept it as such, but I doubt it will get a lot of media air-time in the way people here hope and I provided a reasoning for that belief. I may be wrong but so far I’m not otherwise David wouldn’t be staggered.

  3. SusanP – what are you saying? That Paul Henry should not be held to account for the foul and unacceptable things he says? Is he bound by a separate set of laws that I am not aware of? That he can say whatever he wants just because it’s “expected”?

    It’s exactly this kind of thinking that has allowed these people get away with their base, lowest common denominator racist taunts and jibes. I “expect” murderers to murder because that’s what they do – but that does not mean they’re outside the law and shouldn’t pay for their actions when caught. The same goes for Henry!

  4. David, I don’t understand why you are staggered. I would have thought that what we are seeing is precisely what one would expect. Frankly, I find the whole troll issue fallout and response insulting but I wouldn’t be able to outline my reaction to that here. But the media have clearly shown in the past year that if a female media colleague is hurt that colleagues will come out like avenging angels (the Kyle ‘fat cow’ issue was an exemplar) in ways that they didn’t for a member of the general public.

    Henry’s comment would have been seen as ‘typical’ and expected, Indeed, it would have been largely accepted as ‘in context’ for who and what he is and his broader oeuvre.

    So, I think once again what has been seen is precisely what we could have expected. Not saying I accept it as such…but I do recognise it as typical.

  5. I agree David! I’ve been vocal about this guy for some time now and scratching my head why the horrible things he says have not been exposed by the media in the same way others have been. Let’s hope this changes.

  6. @David
    You’re right, it beggars belief doesn’t it?
    I can only think it’s due to the incredibly low viewer numbers Breakfast rates.
    The various media didn’t report that I spilled my muesli on the kitchen bench top this morning for exactly the same reason! ie – Who cares?

    • I must say I am staggered, s-t-a-g-g-e-r-ed, that media covers the troll debacle, and the “cow” comment flung at Leigh Sales yet nobody else picked up on a breakfast TV host saying asylum seekers could starve in the same week as Go Back. Where is the context?

  7. I find it interesting that neither this conversation or Paul Henry’s earlier ‘oops’ re starving refugees have made the mainstream media. I would have thought that, had they occurred on any other TV show they would have been deemed newsworthy. Is there some kind of media blackout on giving Breakfast any publicity?

  8. Hadn’t seen that show before. What a rabble of a show. Can see now why no one watches it.

    Obviously the reputation of this kiwi guy precedes him so the union guy was up for a fight anyway. I can’t recall a similar exchange between Karl and someone or Kochie and someone.

  9. Secret Squirrel

    I wasn’t going to bother commenting on this but then I realised that by doing so, we’d have one more comment than Henry has fans in Aust and NZ combined.

  10. Just saw the clip. What a tool the host is!!!!!! OMFG! I was soo P’d off the other day when he said things about the french!! I had to turn off..He is a gonner, just like the show!! F a i l! Who at TEN is letting this happen, you lot are fools hahaha oh, im not in a union – and i dont want to be, but the host is just a total tool !

  11. Yeah just watched it on
    Um site. I thought Henry was a pretty good sport really. It appears in
    The last few weeks Paul is becoming more shock jock like in An attempt to get some more attention and lift viewers before he gets he sack before years end

  12. @kats….if 9, for example, claimed copyright on the footage, YT will instantly remove it if stray users have put it up and 9 objects to that. That’s why there are almost no Prince related YT vids for example. He objected strongly to them being on there and YT removed almost all.

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