Puberty Blues… it just gets better

The buzz today may be all about Howzat, and rightly so, but let it be said: both Howzat and Puberty Blues actually get better in their next two instalments.

For my money Puberty Blues is the stronger of the two, with more light and shade. But it’s just personal taste, both of them are solid entertainment offerings.

If you enjoyed Puberty Blues last week I have three words for you this week:

Strip. Jack. Poker.

You have been warned!

8:30pm Wednesday on TEN.


  1. I was one of those people who watched the first episode via Facebook and I thought it was great and has heaps of promise. I can only imagine ratings being up on the pilot episode.

  2. CH, it isn’t my type of show, but the girlfriend loved it and I didn’t find it unbearable 🙂

    Craig, it’s more a dig that something that critics rave about will only get paltry numbers because the station it’s on is useless. I preferred PB to underbelly, and underbelly kills it in ratings.

    Same case for Offspring or Rush (oh how I miss Rush)

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