SoHo launches on Foxtel

W is no more, SoHo has arrived on Channel 115.

Foxtel’s rebranded channel launches today with Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom as its premium content, from 8:30pm tonight. It’s a strong debut episode, if very wordy. But what else would we expect from Sorkin?

On Thursday night Damages begins its fifth and final season.

New Seasons of Boss, Southland, The Listener, Leverage and The Glades are also coming.

The SoHo name is said to convey “the sophisticated and international pulse of Foxtel’s new drama channel, capturing the best of the US and high quality UK programming. The Soho districts of both New York and London are synonymous with contemporary living. So too is this new channel destination.”

Shows that will move with the changes are as follows:
The Young and the Restless moves to Arena at 12.00pm weekdays, from 20th August
Outrageous Fortune moves to Arena at 3pm, from Sunday 9th September
Boston Legal moves to 111Hits at 9.30pm weeknights, from 13th August
Cold Case moves to 111Hits at 6.30pm weekends, from 22nd September
Law and Order moves to 111Hits at 8.30pm weekends, from 22nd September
Jeopardy moves to FOX Classics at 7pm weekdays, from 20th August
The Mentalist moves to Arena at 8.30pm, from 29th November
Without A Trace moves to 111Hits at 4.30pm, from 23rd September

SciFi channel has now also rebranded as SF.


  1. @Josh777 – I think you’re right, I seen that SoHo NZ was on SKY and assumed that meant SKY in the UK. I agree, all HBO content on all the other channels such as arena and showcase etc should all be moved to one channel, HBO.

  2. @ MattJ – I agree that it is great to have the logo big enough to distinguish but not as big as all other logos. Althought I can’t believe that they have the trademark (“TM”) included in the logo which is never done on television watermarks.
    Couldn’t agree more that HD should be free, and that the price of STV should be reduced overall in the coming years – which I think the lot including HD should come in under $100.
    And with the case of CNN, don’t know whether I agree that news channels should be in HD, but it should definitely be broadcast in 16:9 widescreen. I have sent countless emails to CNN and Foxtel asking when it will happen but have gotten no reply off CNN and copy/paste answers off Foxtel. Looks like EurosportNews, CNN, Bloomberg, Discovery Home & Health, Boomerang, KidsCo, Antenna and Rai are never going to convert seems though since 2010 roughly 3/4 of the 4:3 channels converted and they are the only ones left.

  3. SoHo has to be the best logo on Foxtel. I love it. Right there in the corner… in HD so nice and sharp! And I’d love more channels to be in HD on Foxtel! I’m happy paying the extra $10 a month but think, HOPE in a year or two it will be standard!!

    Also… CNN should be in HD and WS…

  4. Shame Y&R doesn’t have extra timeslots – found it very handy to have extra times in case hubby came home and wanted to watch a movie and changed the channel (while I was at work)! Any chance they will in future?

  5. Anyone else think that Jeopardy on FOX Classics is such a bizarre move? Like, Arena or, even, TV1 would make a lick of sense but a channel that rarely shows anything but things made before 1990? Maybe they’re trying to garner new demographics, I don’t know, but it just seems so odd.

  6. @ Ashton – SoHo isn’t available in the U.K., with it being a N.Z. original brand (as far as I know). But agree that it is stupid for HBO not to launch in Australia as it would definitely shake things up a bit – especially seems though it is available to half the world. But Foxtel Networks were smart to finally drop the W brand which was more outdated then Sci Fi
    @ junkyard – The majority of the new SoHo schedule appears to be broadcast in HD so I don’t think that it is a matter of them not wanting to spend on HD programming but rather move programs that aren’t fitting one channel to one that is more suited (e.g. as you said The Price Is Right got moved to Arena, but it blends well with the amount of reality programming it offers – The View, Maury, Jerry Springer, etc.) But I hear that Fuel TV are in the process of launching a HD feed so I wouldn’t be suprised if Arena launched a HD feed at the same time (as Foxtel seems to launch one of it’s own channels every time they launch a competitors channel – as was the case of LifeStyle HD which is a waste seems though it has little HD programming).

  7. so no more Jeopardy in HD!! i swear they do this for cost savings so they don’t have to buy HD versions of shows.
    They did the same thing to The price is right.

    I hate Foxtel

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