Stefanovic sticks with Nine

Karl Stefanovic isn’t going anywhere else just yet, telling media he will stay with the Nine Network.

The Gold Logie winner told the Daily Telegraph, “I’m very happy at Nine and I’m very comfortable ending the year on Today and then I will sit down with David Gyngell and talk about things then.

“Honestly I haven’t spoken to anyone else yet. I really don’t know that I am wanted by anyone other than my own network,” he said, adding (with a laugh); “I’m happy (Nine) see me to be of any value.”

His comments follow recent rumours that he could switch to TEN, given he is close chums with Lachlan Murdoch.

But those rumours began before TEN hit the skids.

They were also probably part of a clever ploy to tease a possible switch ahead of a contract renewal, due in November. Ker-chinnnnng!


  1. Can I ask Karl whatever happened to the Idea after Charlie Sheen got the Boot from Two and a Half Men of Nine replacing his show with a News Chat Show with You and a Female Co Host at 7pm weeknights?They can’t go on with Big Bang Theory repeats going into 2013.

  2. with the battle between today and sunrise would they really want to risk it? I don’t like sunrise, I prefer Today, but normally watch breakfast.

    It would really surprise me if they let Karl leave the show and it would surprise me even more if they let him leave 9.

  3. @kas…hear hear…I would add the issue of the ‘club’ maintaining and enabling poor performers.

    The entire culture needs to change…but please don’t look to the U.S. as such. We don’t always need to go o.s. to seek betterment.

  4. Sunrise has grown a bigger gap over Today since the Olympics… almost 100k viewers yesterday.

    Karl is yet to win the Time slot after so many years and so much talk.

    The gold logie was due to an overwhelming campaign brought on by the entire Nine Network.

    Is he really worth all the hype?

  5. It’s funny how everyone (myself included) has been really down on TEN ust lately when in fact all three commercial networks exhibit the same problems:
    1. they all have hosts of their breakfast shows that polarise viewers
    2. they are all guitly of stuffing around with scheduled programming and ruining shows in the process
    3. they all over promote their new shows to the point of putting viewers off
    4. they all fail to start/finish shows on time
    5. they all show complete contempt for their viewers.
    6, none of them are actually listening to us

  6. How you got that headline from those quotes is tabloid-like……
    He simply said he was happy with nine and will talk about it at the end of the year with them…
    i havent spoken to anyone yet.

  7. @viwer..I agree. I have to wonder how they enable each other. When Karl received a lot of negative criticism re his work on the Olympics, does the boss take him aside and works through some of the issues seeking improvement? Or, does he take him aside and tell him Aussie audiences are a bunch of w****** who have no idea what they are talking about?

    You have to wonder the latter because the performance doesn’t change. If the big guns at the top can’t generate betterment…time for them to go.

  8. Karl’s performance on the Olympics was just so bad and his whole attitude so blase and uncaring about his performance, that I really dislike the ‘club’ that keeps people like him in high-level circulation.

    The ‘boys club’ are like the Peter principle…assisting each other to rise to their own level of inefficiency..and then enabling members to stay there on huge salaries.

  9. Why would Karl go anywhere else? Gyngell is his mate & is lining his pockets with gold. Is he that good? Certainly not for me. Can’t stand him as he is self centric, self indulgent & unfunny.

  10. Ellen is the only thing I watch on Nine.

    For the record, Seven tried to poach Karl from Nine in September 2008. Former Seven CEO David Leckie wined and dined him at his Centennial Park home. Karl never signed with him.

    I’m happy this never took place because I can’t stand him and he would have dragged Seven down in the process.

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