Today claims the year in Sydney market

Nine's Today show is claiming the year in Sydney, having won 21 of 40 weeks.

Nine’s Today show is claiming the year in Sydney, having won 21 of 40 weeks.

That puts it in an unbeatable position to Sunrise in terms of weekly wins.

The breakfast show already claimed the year in Melbourne a few weeks ago.

Executive Producer Tom Malone says the team is thrilled with its Sydney victory. “We’ve fought long and hard to make the Today show Sydney’s Number 1 choice for breakfast television, and we’re delighted that the viewers are happy with the job we’re doing. The challenge is to keep doing it – every morning!”

Lisa Wilkinson added, “The viewers are the reason we get up every morning, and for them to make us their first choice for their breakfast news and entertainment is extremely humbling.”

Nine was close to winning Sydney just before the Olympics with 20 wins, but was then off air for two. With another win last week it sealed the victory, all up it will mean having been on air for 38 of 40 survey weeks.

Nine News has already claimed the year in both Sydney and Melbourne in weeks won with A Current Affair also having won Melbourne.

The news is not all bad for Seven with Sunrise, Today Tonight and Seven News all in front at a national level.

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  1. @chadsterboi thats because ratings drive what we see on TV plain and simple…people stopped watching the variety shows when Rove finished his run… Hey Hey only lasting one year back for lots of reasons…but simply people didnt watch its an “indictment” sic of the viewer more than the industry i would think…

  2. I”m talking about big variety show’s. International guests would get straight pff the plane and appear on day time variety. Now, it seems “variety” is now included into Breakfast show’s as a short cut to big time variety shows.

  3. In the 80’s, 90’s and the early 00″s Breakfast TV wasn’t even talked about. Not until show’s like Midday dropped off in 1998 and the creation of internet and Y2K bug, did we see media outlets drum up Breakfast – only because TV in Australia, is so boring as networks prefer to import overseas programs cheaper. There is no money in Australian TV, so there are no big show productions anymore. All Australian TV can boast about is Breakfast TV – that’s an indictment on the industry if you ask me!

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