Airdate: A Taste of Travel, Love to Share.

Three more MasterChef contestants have TV presenting jobs: Alana Lowes, Skye Craig and Aaron Harvie.

Lowes and Craig join with Scotty McRae for a travel / food series “from goulash in Budapest to Asian fusion in the Barossa.”

A Taste of Travel. 3:30pm Saturday September 15.
Join Alana and Skye from MasterChef Australia and Scotty McRae as they immerse themselves in spectacular food locations around Australia and the world. 

In today’s opening episode, the first destination on Alana’s European adventure is Austria’s capital Vienna where she does a tour of the city by horse and carriage and takes in all the interesting locations. She visits the home of the world famous sacher torte and checks out how to make the perfect schnitzel.

Meanwhile, Scotty’s in Broome in far north WA where he visits the camels on Cable Beach, explores the pearl trade and checks out MATSO’s Brewery, one of Broome’s famous landmarks. And Skye starts her adventure in Hahndorf, discovering the best foodie destinations in the Adelaide Hills. Her first stop is The Harris Smokehouse, a fourth generation business smoking everything from salmon to kingfish in the traditional method.

Aaron Harvie will front Love to Share a cooking show:

Not really sure how it ties in as a cooking show….

Love to Share, 4pm Saturday September 15 on TEN
When you love food as much as former MasterChef Australia and MasterChef All Stars contestant Aaron Harvie does, all you want to do is share it.

Enter TEN’s newest feel-good cooking show: Love to Share. Join host Aaron Harvie, author Arabella Forge and resident chefs Darren Robertson and Rebecca Sullivan each week for a vibrant and entertaining take on the modern day cooking show.

An extension of Love to Share’s popular online food forum, the show will feature celebrity guests, viewer recipes and exciting foodie destinations.



  1. Butterfly Carnage

    OMG it’s Get Away with provisions!! Too many shows with Cooks, not Chefs! Too many shows doing the same old schtick! Producers are recreating program types instead of thinking: this Chef has a talent for food we haven’t seen, different cuisine style or food fusion let’s do that. Instead we have thinking that is more corporate TV land that is along the lines of: Aaron is hot now because of Masterchef Allstars; what can we do with him to turn a cynical quid? We’re up to sunking the marrow now.

  2. @nicks…I would tend to agree re travel related cooking shows however in reading the abstract of say Vienna we see rather touristy happenings. Those of us who’ve been around for a while have seen that take on Vienna many times over. I want to see hidden ‘secrets’ not shown before; those marvelous backstreet tiny places and so forth. Luke’s show had a real naturalness and credibility to it.

  3. I had no idea how breathtaking the countryside of Vietnam and the other countries in the region was til I watched Luke Nguyen’s show on Sbs.So,while I agree that the genre is becoming saturated,I still watch when there’s a travelogue aspect to them.

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