Airdate: Appropriate Adult

Don’t miss ITV’s Drama Appropriate Adult airing from this weekend on Seven / 7TWO.

This features Emily Watson as a parent or guardian  who must be present if a young person or vulnerable adult is to questioned in police custody. She attends a case in which Dominic West is accused of a murder in his family.

Emily Watson, Dominic West and Monica Dolan all won a BAFTA Award and Watson was nominated at the Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Due to the Brownlow Medal next Monday night, there are various broadcast times in various cities.

The routine life of Gloucester woman Janet Leach (Emily Watson) is dramatically transformed when she asked by police to sit in as ‘appropriate adult’ on interviews with a man they have arrested. That man is serial killer Fred West (Dominic West). Within minutes he makes a shocking confession of murder. From that moment on she is drawn into the centre of the investigation and a complex personal relationship with West. He begins to confide information privately to her about other victims which she cannot pass on to the police because of her obligation of confidentiality to him. West exploits the power this gives him over both her and the police, refusing to divulge the full truth about his crimes, and denying his wife Rosemary (Monica Dolan) played any part in them. Janet’s ultimatum to West that she will quit the case unless he co-operates leads to a dramatic breakthrough, and the extraordinary scale of the crimes starts to become clear. But West continues to manipulate and obstruct the enquiry. Despite growing complications in her personal life, Janet persists in trying to help the police break the deadlock.

8:30pm Sunday, September 23 7TWO  Melbourne / Adelaide
8:30pm Monday September 24 Seven Sydney / Brisbane
9:30 Monday September 24 Seven Perth

The X Factor moves to Tuesday and Wednesday next week.


  1. Have seen this already. I was living in the UK at the time of these murders. All I can say is that I had a few tears in my eyes as this show finished. It is done with care. Never allowed to forget the true victims. Not saying that this makes it okay to be turned into a TV drama.

  2. Yuk…why dredge it all up not know why people want to hash over old atrocities…no one learns…and will do nothing to stop the next deranged person…just too gruesome.

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