Charlotte Dawson deletes Twitter account amid criticism of Brownlow fashions

Foxtel personality Charlotte Dawson has deleted her Twitter account amid media criticism of her appearance at FOX Footy’s Brownlow Red Carpet Footy Fashion Police.

Dawson joined Melissa Hoyer, Peter Morrissey and Alex Perry outside Crown on Monday night, commenting on the fashions worn by WAGs at the AFL trophy night.

But yesterday the Herald Sun reported, “The program, which critiqued the Brownlow WAG fashions, has been slammed by some viewers for being too harsh.

“Viewers took to Twitter to criticise Dawson, who complained of cyber bullying late last month.”

The newspaper quotes a number of tweets questioning the show’s tact, including from AFL guests, but acknowledges Footy Fashion Police is based on Fashion Police hosed by US comedian Joan Rivers.

“Never said one negative thing, maybe you were watching another show,” Dawson tweeted in reply.

“It was very positive, nobody was harassed, threatened or invited to die.”

Since then Dawson has deleted her Twitter account MsCharlotteD, which was at the centre of recent headlines about online bullying. She was admitted to hospital after an attempt on her life, but also have interviews to 60 Minutes and appeared recently at Nickelodeon’s Slimefest.

While the Herald Sun reports on the Fashion Police reactions, sister newspaper the Daily Telegraph, which has led a campaign against “Twitter Trolls” does not appear to have reported the same story.


  1. The difference between the American Fashion Police featuring Joan Rivers, and the Australian Footy Fashion Police featuring wannabees, is that there is intelligence behind River’s comments.

  2. My problem with the Fashion Police program after the Brownlow Medal is that the women they were critiquing were not celebrities with stylists and endless budgets. It came across as mean spirited and quite simply just not funny.
    Charlotte may not have said ‘one negative thing’ herself, but she happily laughed along as one panel member likened a players wife to a pole dancer. I was also shocked at the panels absolute lack of research, referring to one woman as ‘the pregnant one in the white dress’. How hard is it to find out the names of people you are about to disect on television?

  3. Boo hoo. People have to put up with Criticism!! A. It was her job to be tough on models on Top Model Aus B. That is why she was employed to do on this Fox Footy thing. Typical media hype and non sense from people. But I cannot stand trolls and people who can just pick at people and be disgusting.

  4. I’m surprised she didn’t delete it after last time.Social Media can be extremely harsh.People that are involved in television,movies,sport stars shouldn’t have Twitter accounts it’s just not worth it.Twitter is just full of gossipers

  5. I have sympathy for people who suffer depression and attempt suicide, but after studying Journalism and Media at university I can’t help but be skeptical of Charlotte’s story. First the 60 minutes interview, then the convenient release of her book entitled “Confessions of a Blow Up Doll”, and now this…she can’t seem to stay away from the spotlight.

    I can’t tell if she’s doing things like this (i.e. claiming to be bullied and then bullying people on TV) for attention, publicity or if she actually has no idea what she’s doing and this is all unintentional.

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