Dennis Lillee rejects Howzat tale

Cricketing legend Dennis Lillee has confirmed reports that he asked for a fee to be a consultant for Howzat: Kerry Packer’s War.

“I was asked to help provide information about how World Series Cricket (WSC) was formed, and my involvement in it,” Lillee said.

“I felt that to do it properly was going to take plenty of time. I thought a fee should have been offered. It wasn’t.”

Lillee’s request was taken all the way to Nine CEO David Gyngell but rejected because “nobody was receiving any payment for their assistance”.

Former World Series Cricket director Austin Robertson, added: “He should know. Dennis Keith Lillee conceived the concept of World Series Cricket. Nobody else. WSC simply would not have happened when it did, or survive, or indeed even get airborne without Dennis.”

Source: News Ltd


  1. Funny! There’s a bit of poetic justice at work – when greed aligns you to Kerry Packer’s interests you are a winner, but when it doesn’t you are written out of the script. It was a pity the most charismatic actor in Australia was benched in Howzat – I was a bit puzzled as to why the talented Matt Le Nevez was sitting around in the background not having enough storyline and now I know why.

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