Doubts on Come Date with Me for 2012

TEN is remaining tight-lipped about its Programming plans for upcoming dating show amid speculation about whether it will air in 2012.

TEN is remaining tight-lipped about its Programming plans for upcoming date show Come Date with Me, amid speculation about whether it will air in 2012.

The local version of the UK format (pictured) sees “a group of six singles, one girl and five guys (or visa versa) entertain each other at their various houses over a week”.

The Granada Media Australia-produced series was announced in April along with I Will Survive, Everybody Dance Now, and Don’t Tell the Bride. Granada has previously produced Please Marry my Boy and Four Weddings.

40 episodes are understood to have been produced and TEN was widely expected to strip the series into a 7pm timeslot. If it was to air the series by the end of the ratings year, the network needs the show on air by early October. But there is speculation about whether the show will air in 2012, in survey ratings or even move to ELEVEN.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight the series would air on TEN but declined to detail Programming plans.

“We don’t discuss our programming decisions publicly,” they said.

TEN recently confirmed it was holding Reef Doctors until 2013 to play to the show’s “summer” feel, while observers note it may be wise to move the new series to next year given the network is struggling to attract audiences right now.

If TEN does hold Come Date with Me for the same reason, few would blame them.

Photo: Come Date with Me UK

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  1. Oh go on Murdoch – put this on now.

    There’s thousands of viewers who are missing The Shire and Bingle and will be happy for more reality TV trash like this to screen this year.

    BTW – I am annoyed that people are lumping YTT in with the other reality TV show rubbish.

    YTT had very talented young acts – some of them better than the acts on AGT, Voice and X factor – but Ten put it on Sunday night where it didn’t stand a chance and then executed it on Friday night up against the footy.

    YTT deserved much better. EDN, Shire, Bingle and DTTB are just woeful.

  2. Here’s a little Rocket Science 101 for all the tv execs. Australian viewers are fed up to the back teeth with these pseudo-reality clap-trap shows. Feel free to keep screening them and also feel free to wear the flack from falling viewer numbers.

  3. @ cjschris. Can you seriously tell me farmers wants wife or marry my boy or geek are any better shows than tens failures. When ten launched masterchief they had other flagship shows like rove and afl. And prior big brother and idol. Today they have nothing. The only thing I can see lifting them and getting viewers from 7 and 9 is homeland in a months time.

  4. Quite sick of people blaming low ratings on TENs regular viewership. The truth is that every new show, YTT, IWS, EDN, Don’t tell the Bride have been fairly terrible formats and ideas. This is, yet again, a boring sounding show.

    It has nothing to do with exposure. TEN wasn’t booming when MasterChef took off, so why do we now blame low ratings on it simply being on TEN?

  5. I think Ten have attempted to be different this year. They have tried to save dollars and develop local concepts More so than any other network really. YTT, EDN, IWS. On 7 or they would rate. with Ten there is no exposure to new shows cause nobody i watching in the first place. Ten have to go with one big proven formula from overseas. It will cost dollars but it is proven and a better chance of working. Then build local productions off that. Currently they have nothing. Or… they get in with Working Dog again. The Panel was a great show. They and get two AFL games off 7 each weekend. Get Shaun Mc onto something live. They need a flagship to build the brand on.

  6. @Stephen, Fremantle has success with farmer and x factor, Granada had success with please marry my boy and 4 weddings, and southern star has had success with Beaty and the geek and Big Brother. All of which are on 7&9, they then go to ten and launch similar natured shows and they are huge flops. The problem isn’t the production company, it is the network.

    As for Rock bottom, people said that last year with The Renovators and Junior masterchef. And people say it every year about NBC. Unless you are getting zero viewers, there is always further to fall.

  7. I hope Ten will come back. I think they have relied too heavily on overseas formats or on Aussie ‘takes’ on major shows (formats). They need to do something different and go for a show that will really grab and potentially involve audience. Something new, fun, stimulating and innovative will get them better audience share.

  8. Looking at the recent long list of flop productions from the big guys like Granada, Fremantle etc it’s amazing the networks keep using them. It’s like that definition of insanity about keep doing the same thing, but expecting a different outcome.

    Sounds like the programmers need to start extending their lunching partners and not keep falling back on the usual suspects. The independent production sector in the UK is far more varied and as a result new show ideas continue to turn up.

    The continuing trend to immediately go to the big 4 shiny floor prod companies will kill channel ten – they need to get out more.

    One positive about being at rock bottom is that you can take risks and you haven’t got much to lose – while the rewards can be revolutionary.

  9. “We don’t discuss our programming decisions publicly,” they said.
    Is this because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing with programming?

    40 episodes, bloody hell what were they thinking? Yet again, sounds like another dud, they should just scrap it, but 40 eps… And look at the list it was announced with: I Will Survive, Everybody Dance Now, Don’t Tell The Bride. All flops. It really is mind boggling how any of these shows were given the green light.

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