Glee: “Naked” Dean Geyer in promo

Glee returns in the US next week, with former Australian Idol discovery Dean Geyer (Terra Nova, Neighbours) getting semi-naked.

Rachel (Lea Michele) stumbles into him stepping out of the shower. Just to be really subtle about it….

No airdate for Australia yet. Surely new eps would help lift TEN?

There’s also more on Glee here.



  1. I think deedeedragaons is referring to media reporting Geyer having left Neighbours at the time saying he was battling with the ‘sexy’ storylines. A comment he later denied…sorta, kinda. He is ostensibly a “committed Christian” who felt uncomfortable with aspects, but later said no storylines bothered him. Who knows when articles are published with headlines saying the sexy content offended him but then the main content says two different things.

  2. @deedeedragons, well maybe he wants to get ahead now, since this is the same Dean Geyer who shows his bare ass in a sex scene from Never Back Down.

    Ten would be stupid not to fast-track Glee. Then again Ten are stupid. Ten needs to win back viewers. Holding back new eps of shows is not gonna go down well.

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