Gruen Planet: Sept 5

Guest panellists on tonight’s Gruen Planet are Olympian and marketing specialist Jane Flemming (I thought Gruen Sweat was over?) and Principal of Liquid Ideas, Stuart Gregor.

The Pitch tonight is an ad for Sutherland Shire, making up for the damage done by Lara Bingle, the Cronulla riots and The Shire .

Coincidentally the show is on air at the same time as another south-Sydney series, Puberty Blues

In tonight’s episode:
· Brand Armstong – The Gruen team looks at the Lance Armstrong doping scandal. Is there a point where running away is the right PR move? How much immunity does a cancer charity buy you? Why are his sponsors standing by their cycling-man?
· “Beautiful driver, beautiful brake foot” – How did a simple ad about insurance became the Rhonda and Ketut love story phenomenon? Why would we take advice from a woman who doesn’t even know about sunscreen?
· Spin Cycle – Counting down our favourite recent promotional activities. Marketing genius or complete idiocy? You decide.

· Personal Worst – Each week, Gruen continues its search for the WORST performance by an athlete in a TV commercial. Tonight, a trio of stars – Ivan Lendl, Matts Wilander and John McEnroe.
· The Pitch: Johnothan Naiman from Splash Agency (Sydney based) vs Colin Watts from Jack Watts Currie (Sydney).
The Brief: Making up for the damage done by Lara Bingle, the Cronulla riots and The Shire, a tourism campaign to repair the reputation of Sydney’s southern beach community.
The Client: Cronulla Sutherland Business Council.

September 5 at 8:30pm on ABC1.


  1. If I didn’t already watch Gruen, I would tonight just for “The Pitch” (altho’ it will be via iView as I hope to be on a certain Scandinavian Bridge at 8:30).

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