Kirsty Child returns to Neighbours

After more than a decade, actress Kirsty Child is returning to Neighbours.

She returns as Carmel Tyler, the older sister of Ramsay Street matriarch Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne).

She first appeared in 2002, she was instrumental in helping Karl (Alan Fletcher) find her sister when she went missing while suffering from amnesia.

Appearing in a two month stint, Child’s character will butt heads with Woodburne, but it’s all part of the fun for the two actresses who first met inĀ Prisoner.

Her scenes will appear on air in November.


  1. Well I enjoy the show, and I guess I am a bit of a non conformist, as I do not like Home and Away the stories well, as I do not watch I can not tell but there is always the off switch if you are not happy with a show, I use it a lot, not so much now I do not watch Nine after the treatment of Dallas ( guess as it is my all time fav show)

  2. I’d forgotten about her, but it’s great that they are getting relative’s back. She was Darcy’s mum. Susan had another sisiter (played by a Comedy Company actress) and a neice who there was a question of whether Carl might be her father, which was never answered.
    David, i know you will know this, being a Prisoner fan, but it was they 80s when Jackie and Kirsty appeared in Prisoner.

  3. I love this actress but it’s actually in the mid 80’s when the 2 actresses met on Prisoner during Kirsty Child’s second stint on the show when she came back as a totally different character.

    I loved her first stint in Prisoner where she played the first bent screw Anne Yates who winds up in prison and ends up stabbing Bea Smith, only to end up suffocating in one of the dryers while hiding there after getting chased by the other women.

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