Renewed: Episodes

Very pleased to hear that Showtime and the BBC have renewed Episodes for a third season.

The comedy drew 1.66 million viewers across all platforms in the US, skewing toward a male audience and was nominated for three Emmys in its first season.

Matt LeBlanc also won a Golden Globe earlier this year, in his self-deprecating role as … himself.

In Australia the reception on Nine has been lukewarm, with good word of mouth but not exactly a broad hit when combined with Nine’s more mainstream US sitcoms. Season Two currently airs on Tuesday nights. I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve seen so far.

Showtime and the BBC will begin production on the nine-episode new season in Los Angeles and London next year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. @Steveany 2.0 – Seven’s catch-up player is crap and I don’t waste my time with it but Nine’s is decent. I use Chrome with AdBlock and never see any ads.

  2. I love this show too. The English leads are great and Matt LeBlanc is very similar to Joey in Friends. But I’ve always been a fan ( I even liked the Freinds spin off Joey…yes I was the one).

  3. @ Secret Sqrl – thanks for that info – I don’t mind buying a DVD (or “other” 😉 ) if the show comes highly recommended!
    For some reason it’s been my experience that FTA online ‘iview” type offerings only last a week and are packed full of unavoidable ads. At least that’s what I found some time ago when I tried to catch up on ’30 Rock” after it was so horribly mistreated by Ch7.
    Invariably I end up buying DVDs of the better programs anyway. But thanks again.

  4. @Steveany 2.0 – The two eps of S2 so far (in Aus) are here:

    Series 1 is… around, or on DVD if you don’t mind spending.

  5. Isn’t it nice to get good news? 🙂

    steveany, you have only missed two episodes so far and you should be able to easily catch these up on 9’s website. Knowing how good 9 is at repeating things, I cannot make a promise, but I’d think that season 1 Episodes might get another run on GO! some time in the future.

  6. It is one of the very very few intelligent programmes on FTA commercial television, I agree Nine has stuffed it with the way they have shown it, but they deserve some credit for showing it at all, though whether series two actually makes it right through remains to be seen.

    Wise, witty and very industry saavy, a little gem.

  7. This is good news indeed, the best thing Nine’s had on in ages. Sad to see it’s doing not-so-hot for them. I guess their audience is so used to 2 1/2 Men on endless loop and the constant game of whack-a-Big-Bang-Theory every week they can’t get the hang of something really good.

  8. I’m quite “thingy” about this Episodes sitcom 🙁
    I was in the USA when Series 1 was run here and I missed all of the second series so far though sheer pig-ignorance. I don’t suppose, David, you’d have any word on when Ch9 might rerun the whole thing?
    That’s a lot to ask I know, but many folk whose opnions I respect on this site (including you obviously 😉 ) keep raving about it and I feel like I’m missing a classic!

  9. It’s great but Nine killed any chance it had by butchering it first time around and starting it late. I haven’t watched it on Nine (or Go/GEM) at all.

  10. I watched the first episode of this show and hated it, IMO it was slow, daft and that main British couple were annoying and unlikeable. Not surprised it rates terribly over here.

    On the flipside I recently have been getting into Arrested Development. That show is hilarious once you get to know the characters

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