Returning: Big Bang, Two & a Half Men, Two Broke Girls

Nine fast-tracks new episodes of comedies to Tuesday nights next week, with Episodes bumped to 10pm.

Here comes the fast-tracking, right on cue in October.

Nine fast-tracks new Big Bang, Two Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men on Tuesday October 2nd.

Episodes moves to 10pm but with a second episode at 10:40pm. Two more play the following week.

This could be to make way for Survivor (to be confirmed).

A reminder that viewers in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth get Person of Interest from next Monday, with a double ep.

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  1. @HardcorePrawn
    How would Channel 9 have done better screening Episodes on Go! ?

    Episodes rates 400k on Nine what would it have rated on Go!, Probably 200k. And what would they have screened on Channel 9 on Tuesday? More repeats of 2 Broke Girls? And how many people would watch Episodes on Go! instead of Anger Management if they went up against each other?

    It would suit fans for Channel 9 to give Episodes a better slot once a week on Go! (where they did show the first season it without being cut).

    But it wouldn’t suit Channel 9. Which is why they did it this way. To them Episodes is just what they have to fill slots until BBT and others return in October.

  2. Nine really don’t know how to treat UK shows do they?
    They’ve royally stuffed up Episodes, where they could have had a ratings winner.
    By lumping 2 episodes together, or 3 in one hit as they did with the last few of series 1, they overkilled it for me. The show is funny in a 30 minute burst, less so when (with ads) you’re spending nearly 2 hours in the company of Matt LeBlanc and co.
    I don’t think it’s been on at the same time from one week to the next. They’d have been better off scheduling single episodes on Go, at the same time, same day, every week.

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