Seven, ABC2 on top.

Seven stormed home to a comfortable win in the TV ratings war last week, thanks largely to The X Factor and AFL.

All three “Super Bootcamp” shows nabbed the top three places for the week, setting itself up a star-studded week of “Home Visits.” AFL finals gave the network big shares on Friday and Saturday. Seven won every night of the week.

The news was also good for ABC again grabbing third place and defeating TEN every night of the week. But it doesn’t end there with ABC2 winning the week in multichannels -a first since the commercial networks have each had two multichannels. The win was thanks the Paralympics’ four hours of coverage each night.

TEN slumped to fourth place for the fourth week in a row. The bad news is the distance behind ABC is getting wider, not smaller.

Seven: 32.7
Nine: 26.5
ABC: 19.9
TEN: 15.4
SBS: 5.5

Primary channel:
Seven: 24.2
Nine: 20.4
ABC1: 13.1
TEN: 9.7
SBS ONE: 4.5

ABC2: 5.1
7TWO: 4.7
7mate: 3.8
GO!: 3.6
ONE: 2.8
Gem: 2.5
ABC News 24: 0.9
SBS TWO: 0.9
ABC3: 0.8

Seven won 18-49 and 25-54 while Nine won 16-39.

Seven also won every city except Brisbane, which fell to Nine.

The X Factor was highest on Tuesday with 1.57m viewers. Next for Seven were Sunday Night (1.35m), Seven News (Sun 1.33m, weeknights: 1.17m), Winners and Losers (1.3m), Border Security (1.22m) and Today Tonight (1.05m).

House Husbands launched well as Nine’s top show for the week on 1.35m then 60 Minutes (1.34m), Nine News (Sun: 1.2m, weeknights: 1.11m), Big Brother (highest show was Wed: 1.02m), and ACA (992,000).

ABC News (weeknights: 1.05m, Sun: 936,000), was best for ABC1 then Call the Midwife (989,000), Gruen Planet (909,000), Australian Story (850,000), Four Corners (846,000) and Grand Designs Revisited (844,000).

TEN’s best performer Puberty Blues (728,000) ranked a disappointing #48th for the week. Next were TEN News (708,000), Can of Worms (616,000), a Modern Family replay (600,000) and NCIS (551,000).

Who Do You Think You Are? on SBS ONE was 343,000 followed by Meet the Amish (326,000), Engineering Giants (325,000), Bears of the Last Frontier (320,000) and Insight (305,000).


  1. Four Weeks at Number 4, Not a Great sign for Network Ten at all. Ever Since Season Four of Masterchef Ended, Ten’s Ratings went down as People were growing tired. So far,Every Locally Made Show the Network launched in 2012 has Underperformed in the Ratings with Many of them given the Flick especially the Biggest Flop on Australian TV this year gave Seven the Reason to win every single night since the London Olympics Ended.

  2. Ryan: I imagine Ten Network shareholders are well aware the price has dropped from 80c to 37.5c. As Murdoch is the largest shareholder and chairman he is acutely aware of it.

    What is it you expect them to do?
    Hand back their broadcast licence and change that to 0c?

  3. good to see the paralympics do well, could mean that whoever gets Rio might be interested in taking on the paralympics as well for 7two or GEM.

    the X Factor is up about 300k vs, the boot camp episodes last year. good to see because there is some great talent, and the show has been really entertaining. i really prefer this new format.

  4. So are you saying Ten had nothing inside the top 47 shows for the week. Ouch!!!!! Hopefully that day Murdoch gets the boot is getting closer!!!! Ten’s involvement in AFL for the last 10 years now appears rather good value for money. At least it bought viewers to the network

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