Seven keeps it local

The ratings year may soon be entering its final stages but Seven still has a number of new local productions set to premiere.

Beauty and the Geek Australia is back for its fourth season, including a millionaire amongst its geeks.

Fly-on-the-wall series Brynne: My Bedazzled Life will begin soon, following Brynne Edlesten. The in-house production follows the girl from Phoenix, Arizona, and her multimillionaire husband living a glamorous lifestyle.

“I have had such fun having the cameras follow me as I go about my life. Nothing was out of bounds, and people will get to see the real me and my life. The funny moments, the dramatic moments and some of the sad stuff as well. My co-star and leading man Juddy has loved every minute of filming and loves the camera, often stealing some of my scenes,” says Edelsten.

Seven Director of Network Production Brad Lyons said: “We are thrilled with the series and delighted our cameras were given exclusive access. Australians have fallen in love with Brynne since she launched on to the celebrity scene here. The series captures her dazzling lifestyle.”

There is a TV special featuring Australia’s Got Talent‘s Cosentino: The Grand Illusionist, in his sold out theatre performance at the Regent Theatre.

Seven will also screen TV1’s miniseries Killing Time, starring David Wenham as disgraced lawyer Andrew Fraser.


  1. The Cosentino special is airing Wednesday 17th of September at 7:30. Word is he is doing a whole new unique set of illusions never before seen and it is on Channel 7. Much better to view then the other crumby TV shows at the same time like “I will survive” and “Big Brother”

  2. @TM I so agree, no one asked me if I like or love Brynne Edelsten ! Surely this man doesn’t have his head stuck in the sand ? I certainly wont be watching.

  3. @TM..interestingly, during her Dancing With The Stars gig, Brynne did win many of the audience over to her. Compare her with how Lara Bingle wound up being received (outside her own celeb group of friends) and Brynne was the shining star of the two. I do agree that the phrase is a typical exaggeration but she did wind up with more fans than she had prior to the show.

  4. There are also ads for The Unbelievable Truth and Ahn Do’s show.

    Interesting to read that Shine has pinched BATG of southern star And now that southern has got Big Brother again they cast a millionaire and a geek. Southern star jumping on their own sandcastle?

  5. “Australians have fallen in love with Brynne”? Brad Lyons I assume your tongue is firmly in cheek when you say this, or else you are as deluded as she seems to be.

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