Seven takes Monday

Ratings: The X Factor's "Super Boot Camp" was hardly riveting television yet it still topped Monday night. ABC News also won its timeslot.

The X Factor‘s “Super Boot Camp” was hardly riveting television last night, but it underlined the need to track contestants “journeys” (sorry!) in talent shows. The show was #1 last night with 1.47m viewers driving Seven to another win.

Seven Network was 31.9% then Nine 26.0%, ABC 22.9%, TEN 14.8% and SBS 4.5%.

Also for Seven were Seven News (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.13m), Home and Away (996,000), GCB (758,000 / 585,000), but Deal or No Deal  was only 471,000.

Nine News (1.22m) led Nine. ACA was 1.04m, Big Brother was 1.00m, Underbelly: Badness slipped under the magic million with 990,000, Hot Seat was 605,000 and Gordon Behind Bars was 314,000.

ABC News won its timeslot with 1.13m for ABC1 followed by Australian Story (857,000), Four Corners (844,000), 7:30 (773,000), Media Watch (769,000), Q & A (662,000) and Paralympics highlights (386,000).

TEN News did well with 783,000 for TEN but then it was downhill. Can of Worms had a fascinating discussion on whether to out social media trolls, but managed 600,000, Modern Family was 549,000, Don’t Tell the Bride was 513,000, The Project 6pm was 456,000 and The Shire was down to 220,000.

Mythbusters (276,000) topped SBS ONE followed by Test Your Brain (213,000) and World News Australia (149,000).

Heartbeat ranked firsts on multichannels with 339,000.

Sunrise: 349,000
Today: 307,000
ABC News Breakfast: 66,000 / 32,000
Breakfast: 51,000

Monday 3 September 2012

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  1. Has can of worms improved each week? I hope it continues to improve. Ms Swan is doing a great job. Would be nice if it builds up to 800k plus. Clearly Henry has been given the ok to go for it in a last ditch effort to improve ratings. Interesting times over the next few weeks.

  2. Yep I agree can of worms was great last night like every episode so far this year if it was on seven or maybe even nine it would rate better the reason why it rates so low is because it is on ten but one advantage to this is that it has a good host if it was on nine it would be hosted by the unwatchable Eddie if it was on seven it would be hosted by the annoying kochie

  3. Can of Worms was brilliant last night, I had to go back and watch the previous episodes on Catch up. Chrissie Swan is perfect for the hosting role, great at engaging the guests in each topic. More people should watch (even if it is on Channel 10).

  4. PJC is on the money regarding Breakfast’s apparent ratings jump. You have to be careful when dealing with changes in low numbers as a small difference will seem great when written as a percentage. (That’s why I invest in low-cost shares).

    Breakfast’s ratings last Mon were 23,000. Yesterday’s 51,000 just means that it was watched by 4 more people at a household(s) with a ratings box (so could be a single household). It would be incredibly naïve to extrapolate that to 79,000 for next Mon.

  5. @ Trix – I had no idea that Paul Henry had made those comments. If I had I would be as frustrated as you are now (with myself being in a wheelchair I can understand your frustration more than say the general public). Obviously he has gone too far with those comments, but as I did not see the comments being made I do not know the context and can not make a pro/con argument (and I’m in a wheelchair so if I can’t how can anyone else without knowing the entire story – making it sound similar to the comments on The Circle about the Australian soldier).
    I simply like the show as it offers something the other morning programs don’t – a host that speaks his mind, a show that obviously doesn’t have every minute scripted, and one that says what truely is crap and what isn’t without worrying about sponsors or backlash.

  6. To those that continue to bag out The Shire.. the show is what it is.. it was never going to appeal to the masses and given that it was bumped to 9.45 on a Monday night, I’d be surprised if it came back for a second series next year (though, I think a second series would work well on ELEVEN).

    As for Breakfast’s ratings, I’d say just a blip.. two more people with a ratings box just happened to watch it yesterday.. it’ll be back to the usual 20-30k tomorrow.

  7. @Josh777, I respect your right to love any show you wish to but I have to take you to task that Breakfast is ‘brilliant’. If by brilliant you mean the Kiwi saying his inability to enjoy the Paralympics was because he just didn’t understand the differences in categories, then going on to give an example of a swimmer with no limbs (I kid you not) competing against a swimmer with one or two as his illustration of the unfairness of it all? If he’d caught any of the fantastic panel discussions on ABC2 he’d be learning more than his tiny brain could hold.

  8. For the first time ever I saw The Shire. After 5 mins I had to switch of, it was terrible and set-up, the conversation between Mitch and his mum was almost scripted and had no reality to it. It was not a natural conversation which happened to be captured on camera.
    And there was this guy called ‘Stace’ as soon as I heard the way he spoke is when I turned off.

  9. Yet another thoroughly engaging episode of Can Of Worms. I agree, David, that the discussion on cyber bullying was very good, with many salient points were made.
    Is Kris Smith completely officially divorced from Dannii yet? I’m only asking because, after his appearance on COW, I think I want to marry him 🙂

  10. Can of Worms was great as always! That Dan Illic public-Twitter thing with the megaphone was hilarious.

    And it seems bagging Breakfast’s lack of viewers has resulted in the show getting a few more (51,000). Interesting to see how it rates tomorrow.

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