Solid start for House Husbands

Ratings: It was a good night for House Husbands, Sunday Night, 60 Minutes and Call the Midwife, but bad for NCIS.

Nine’s Father’s Day launch of House Husbands has paid off with the drama attracting 1.37m viewers last night.

While Nine ranked first in primary channels, Seven’s multichannels helped get them over the line.

Seven Network won with 28.9% to Nine 28.5%, ABC 22.3%, TEN 15.4% and SBS 5.0%.

Sunday Night was strongest for Seven on 1.35m viewers then Seven News (1.33m), Border Security (1.26m / 1.05m), Mrs Brown’s Boys (913,000) and Kath and Kim (516,000).

House Husbands (1.37m) was #1 for the night, winning its demos and ranking slightly better in Sydney (447,000) than its home city of Melbourne (427,000). Also for Nine 60 Minutes pulled 1.32m, then Nine News (1.2m), but Big Brother was down (949,000). The Mentalist was 615,000.

Call the Midwife did good business for ABC1 on 988,000, followed by ABC News (934,000), Grand Designs Revisited (844,000), Dream Build (797,000), Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (554,000) and Paralympics highlights (460,000).

It was an awful night for TEN, unable to surpass 600,000 for Modern Family‘s second episode (ep 1: 416,000). Even a new NCIS bombed on 551,000 -by switching to Sundays, viewers are unaware it was a new episode, and it is one of the few assets the network has. TEN News was 425,000, Graham Norton was 364,000, The Project was 316,000 and The Simpsons was 292,000.

On SBS ONE Meet the Romans pulled 273,000 then Inside Nature’s Giants (210,000), and In the Shadow of the Moon (incorrectly logged as Tabloid) was 202,000.

Best on multichannels was ABC2’s Mike the Knight on 226,000.

Sunday 2 September 2012

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  1. I enjoyed HH, even though the storyline was a bit far-fetched. Specially Firass’s character being blamed for the whole bus fiasco (where was the bus driver???), which was a bit ridiculous. But I will persevere, specially as I thought it was the only thing worth watching last night.

    To me the whole TV landscape just gets bleaker and bleaker. NCIS and programs of that formulaic ilk seem to have been going forever, they’re a last resort for me.

  2. Ten would have never stood a chance again the comedies anyway so no loss there.Most of the time It was an old NCIS for a while against a Fresh Winners and Losers/Packed to the Rafters on 7 and 9’s Two Broke Girls/All New 2.5 men hour.

  3. David, can you do a story on other Nine local shows that have been on recently, maybe started good but died in the ratings after a few eps? How did House Husbands compare to the likes of Tricky Business or Canal Road etc.

  4. @steveany 2.0 it is misandry (misandrist).

    Yeah it struck me as just stereotypes for both sexes as well.

    The bit talked about the article saying an idiot parent being there all the time is better than an absent one and then Gary Sweet saying the Female writer was probably a lesbian, I mean come on is that type of primitive thinking really necessary (then it is on the network that was blokey for the Olympics).

    Be a miss for me from here on as well, was thinking maybe it would be a bit more in this decades thinking given the subject, but nope same old same old.

  5. Hmmm, just watched House Husbands. Gotta agree with what’s been said. Wasn’t that great. Was just rolling my eyes at the kids driving the bus. Then the missing principal. It’s just ridiculous situations. The Firass Dirani scenes were more believable and dramatic. The ads for the show were just confusing cos you didn’t know what you were getting, comedy or drama. It barely succeeds at either. I say focus on the drama

    At the moment its another miss for me with Nine shows.

  6. Yeah, I thought it was a bit limp too.
    Not much to add that OzJay & SusanP haven’t said for me – there’s a bit of reverse-misogyny in the media these days. (can’t think of the male equivalent of misogyny at the moment:-))
    So won’t be watching again.

    Shout out to @Secret Squirrel for his usual eggcellent similes. But it’s gonna be hard to better last month’s EDN cadaver metaphors!
    Came close to losing my lunch a few times…..

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