Today show reunion marks 30 years

Steve Liebmann, Tracy Grimshaw and Sarah Murdoch visited Today as part of the show’s 30th Anniversary yesterday.

The former hosts joined Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson, Richard Wilkins, Georgie Gardiner and Ben Fordham.

Former host Sue Kellaway who started the show with Steve Liebmann was on video link in London. Liz Hayes also appeared in a pre-recorded message.

Former weatherman Monty Dwyer joined Steve Jacobs.

Steve Liebmann attributed the show’s success to Sam Chisholm.

“He said you leave the battles to me, you just go and take care of the show,” he said.

Kellaway said, “It was all completely new. Nobody knew how to do it because nobody had done it. We were flying by the seat of our pants a lot of the time.”

Murdoch said she hadn’t enjoyed any other TV role as much working on Today.

Grimshaw said the only thing that made presenters ever leave were the early hours.

“There would never have been the cavalcade of hosts on this show over the years if it was not for the hours. Because no-one would ever leave. It’s the only thing that finishes you, I think.”

Murdoch also confirmed that Karl Stefanovic had spent his post-Logies night socialising with her and Lachlan Murdoch in their hotel room before he went on air.

The show also remembered Eric Walters and Ian Ross.

PM Julia Gillard also sent a video message.

Today show hosts:
Steve Liebmann and Sue Kellaway 1982 – 1985
Steve Liebmann and Patrice Newell 1986
Steve Liebmann and Liz Hayes 1986-1987
Liz Hayes and George Negus 1987- 1989
Liz Hayes and Steve Liebmann 1990- 1996
Steve Liebmann and Tracy Grimshaw 1996-2005
Tracy Grimshaw and Karl Stefanovic 2005
Karl Stefanovic and Jessica Rowe 2006
Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Murdoch 2007
Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson 2007 to present

You can see the videos here.


  1. They fail to mention guest hosts that Wikipedia mentions. These include:
    *Ken Sucliff *Gary Lyon *Tony Jones *Jennifer Kyte. She hosted Good Medicine in the late 90’s on nine and based on her journalisim exp, was offered Today work.
    Hosts not mentioned include:
    *Kelly Conelly. But that might have to do with her termination alongside nightline in 2010.
    * Helen Dalley. She did the “Today on Saturday” in the late 90’s. The original “Weekend Today”.
    * Tara Brown. Also “Today on Saturday”
    * Jessica Rowe as mentioned.
    * Alicia Loxley who read the “Weekend Today” news. Now reads Melbourne News alongside seagulls 🙂
    * Anna Coren, Michael Usher and Mark Burrows who read the “Today on Saturday Saturday” News
    * George Negus who hosted 1987-89. He did make a message on their YouTube channel.
    * Amber Sherlock who read the Weekend news when it began as “Weekend Today” in 2009.

  2. Their was another host in between Sarah and Lisa who got no mention in the list and should of got the job that being the beautiful Kelly connelly it still annoys me to this day that she was used as a doormat at nine she should have got the weekend co host job at sunrise much better fit for her

  3. They did have a few highlights featuring Rowe, but, seeing as she was there for a few (less-than-stellar) months over the course of 30 years, no wonder she was left out. Probably doesn’t help that she’s with Weekend Sunrise now.

  4. When the Sydney Opera House opened in 1973 the Herald published a cartoon of Joern Utzon as a ghost walking up the steps with the caption “As I was walking up the stairs, I met a man that wasn’t there”. Utzon – the original architect – was sacked from the project when there was a change of government in NSW and wasn’t invited to the opening.

    Today that cartoon might be redone showing all the Today cast having their reunion celebrations and Jessica Rowe being drawn as a ghost with the same caption.

    No mention of her during the entire 30th anniversary week, no acknowledgement that she ever worked on the show let alone being one of the hosts.

    When you get boned by Channel Nine you not only leave the building you are also written out of their whole history.

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