Weekend Sunrise extends on Saturdays

Seven has announced that Weekend Sunrise will extend to three hours on Saturdays, bringing it into line with the Sunday edition.

It will air from 7am to 10am from 6th October, the same weekend that Daylight Saving begins.

The Morning Show‘s Saturday edition moves to 10-11am.

Weekend Sunrise is going from strength to strength,” said co-host Samantha Armytage.

“I can’t wait to spend another hour sitting next to AOK on Saturdays. Two hours was never enough to say everything we needed to say. We’re going to have so much more fun now.”

How does one stay so cheerful about doing extra work…?


  1. You couldn’t get Me or Most of Australia to Watch Andrew O’Keefe.People like him make me thankful for my multi channels options of 7 mate’s That 70’s show or Eleven’s the Brady Bunch amongst other things.

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