Behold ….it’s the Man O Man pool!

Feast your eyes on a very rare sight: the famous Man O Man pool!

Last week TV Tonight attended an Open Day at Global Studios in Coventry Street, South Melbourne. It’s home to such shows as Dancing with the Stars, Deal or No Deal and formerly City Homicide and Rove.

In 1994 when it was part of the Seven Network, a fully working in-ground pool was built into the floor of Studio A. At 6 foot from end to end and fully heated, it’s the only one of it’s kind in Australia. These days the floor is covered year-round and the pool is rarely used although Neighbours used it for cliffhanger episodes when a plane supposedly went down over Bass Strait and they needed close-up shots of characters in peril.

But Global is hoping it might get a little more use by producers for future projects. Known for its ability to produce Live television, the building features two large studios, audience hold areas, dressing rooms, hair and make up facilities, green rooms and set storage.

As part of a re-branding to the industry, Global is changing the name of the building to Media City, Melbourne.

Global is also looking to encourage new television projects, with a rare offer to established production companies: all facilities are available without cost from Monday to Thursday to develop Pilot projects. Labour costs must still be met, but there is no fee for cameras and studio hire (pool may entail extras!). Global believes it’s a win / win approach for new work.

TV Tonight can’t help but wonder if it’s time to dust off the Man O Man pool if Seven decides to proceed with Celebrity Splash, which has just been green-lit by ABC in the US.


  1. Hi David

    Do you have anymore photo’s/pictures of the open day at Global Studios that you could post as I love all the behind the scenes stuff :):):)

  2. Secret Squirrel

    David, I take it that you mean that the pool is 6ft deep along it’s entire length rather than being 6ft long (which is how I first understood it)?

    Celebrity Splash. Degree of interest: 1.2

  3. According to Sunday Telegraph it may be happening in Australia too, with Matt Mitcham involved.
    Things must be getting tough in the film/TV studios market with this offer from Global, following the payroll tax offer from the Adelaide studios to entice customers.

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