Gone: Ben and Kate

The first victim of TEN’s fast-tracking plans of October is Ben and Kate.

TEN has pulled the US comedy from the schedule as of Monday, replacing it with a repeat of New Girl. A new episode airs Monday Oct 29th.

On Monday Ben and Kate could only manage 219,000 against The X Factor‘s 1.48m viewers.

TEN’s plans to reinvigorate its schedule with fast-tracked programmes is already struggling.


  1. People should have given this show a fair chance from the start.No Offense against all you X factor fans but it’s you lot who have sent Ben and Kate packing in this country at least temporarily to the dumpster.Who knows they may put it on one night a week on 11 to fill in for the summer when Neighbours is off the air for a couple of Months.

  2. TEN needs to update it’s ‘fast tracking’ promo and Ben & Kate is still in the current one.

    Please TEN at least move this to ch11 and replace some of the re-runs of other shows.

  3. Despite less than average numbers in the US, I’m pretty sure FOX picked it up for a full season. This was dire anyway, Ten should have went with The Mindy Project instead.

  4. Its a shame they didn’t give it more of a chance or just move it to ch11 but I can understand why they had to do something. Its not doing great business in the US so will probably not last the year out.

  5. They are repeats of New Girl next week, as we are up to date with the US. Fast tracking is even more unpredictable when there is a US presidential election on.

  6. I recorded the pilot but haven’t watched it yet due to the large amount of great content on at the moment – but reading this I don’t think I’ll even bother watching it. And TEN need to realise that those numbers aren’t too bady considering their overall ratings lately. Atleast it’s better then I Will Survive.

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