Returning: New Girl

Season 6 of New Girl returns to ELEVEN later this month.

This premiered in the US last September.

Jess is throwing herself into new hobbies in order to distract herself from her renewed romantic feelings for flatmate Nick.

Nick is in a long-distance relationship with Reagan and seeking Winston’s advice for keeping the romance alive across the states. Winston has become quite the authority on long-distance romance, due to his relationship with Aly.

Schmidt and Cece begin the hunt for their first home but find it to be more difficult than they imagined.

8pm Friday June 23 on ELEVEN.


  1. Is this 1997 or 2017, why are we still waiting nine months for new episodes of TV shows? Eleven has had plenty of room in the schedule for this since last September.

    • For some reason they decided to cycle through Season 5 again before showing Season 6. They do the same thing with Fresh Off The Boat. Don’t know why.

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