Returning: New Girl


Season 4 of New Girl begins on ELEVEN in the new year.

This season, Damon Wayans, Jr. is promoted to a series regular.Jessica Biel and Reid Scott guest star in the first episode, “The Last Wedding.”

This aired in the US in September 2014.

At the last wedding of the summer, the gang makes a pact that each of them will get lucky by the end of the night. Jess sets her sights on the best man, who has also caught the eye of a beautiful scientist (Jessica Biel).

Schmidt and Nick find themselves confronted by an indecent proposal and Coach panics when he realises he has already hooked up with every woman at the party.

Winston focuses his energy on recovering from police academy training.

8.00pm Monday, January 4 on ELEVEN.


  1. The best part is that Eleven will be airing New Girl five days a week 8 pm Monday to Friday, so that by the time season 5 of New Girl starts in the US, we will have almost caught up. Hopefully they play season 5 straight after season 4.

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