Returning: The Mentalist

No more repeats, Nine is fast-tracking new episodes of The Mentalist to our screens from next week.

It returns at 8:30pm Monday night.

“The Crimson Ticket”
Jane tries to uncover Lorelei’s link to Red John. Meanwhile, the CBI team up with the FBI to investigate a hotel employee’s homicide.

It will be followed by new Person of Interest and then a new episode of CSI: NY.

“Keep it Real.”
The boyfriend of a punk rock singer is shot to death in his apartment, and the key to solving the crime may be his missing roommate.


  1. I’ve never liked the Mentalist, the premise is too weak for my taste. But I’m excited about Nine fast-tracking Person of Interest as I feel given it’s late time-slot last year, this was successful for Nine and POI has done okay given the huge mess Nine created with not showing it in certain states a few weeks back due to the Brownlow medal. However now that Season 2 is being fast-tracked and it looks like Nine is keeping the same timeslot, I feel it has a chance to do well.

  2. Apart from the silly Red John episodes the writers of the Mentalist actually put some effort into creating characters, red herrings and a plot for each episode. More so than in shows like NCIS, Bones or Castle or the last few seasons of House where the characters just engage in banter until they stumble across the solution at the end.

  3. I can’t understand the popularity of The Mentalist, the main character is just too bloody clever to be true, delivering the most banal of lines, with no acting effort made at all.

    Dear old Simon appears to be almost asleep. It really is the silliest of programs.

    And then he comes home and delivers ANZ commercials with an American accent!

    What th…?

  4. The Mentalist is far more popular in Australia than it is in America…over there CBS just kicked this show from its Thursday timeslot to Sundays at 10pm and it has bled viewers in both the demo and total people.

    The Red John plot has killed this show. They have dragged it out for far too long. Every season finale ends with the characters either almost catching Red John or finding yet another one of his accomplices. The latest finale where they killed the young captain for no reason was the last straw for me. Unless the writers lift their game, the show is done

  5. Will be interesting to see what it rates. The ratings plunged from 1m to 700k for the final episodes of the last season. The show has become extremely predictable but of course in trying to do something different they risk further undermining the formula which all it had going for it.

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