Seven tops Late List again

Seven has again topped TV Tonight's Late List for inaccurate programming.

Seven has again topped TV Tonight‘s Late List for inaccurate programming for the second time.

There were 68 entries from readers in the week Sept 30 – Oct 6:

Seven 31
Nine 21
TEN 13
Other 1

According to reader submissions:

Advertised times for GCB varied between 9pm for promos and 9:24pm for EPGs. But the average start time was 9:30pm.

Hawaii Five-0 was advertised as 9:30pm across most platforms but began at 9:40pm. A number of readers have noted TEN did not update their EPG across the long weekend.

Person of Interest was advertised between 9:30pm on promos and print guides, and up to 9:43pm on EPGs but actually began early at 9:38pm.

Beauty and the Geek Australia was advertised as 8:30pm across most platforms but started at 8:40pm.

Strike Back was advertised as 8:30pm but began at 8:41pm.

Even multichannel shows TMZ, Wilfred, Nikita and Escape to the Country also copped votes.

NB: The Late List is a crowd-sourcing trial and is not scientifically conducted. It relies on the trust of readers to resource information. 

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  1. Just discovered I missed the first five minutes of this weeks Smash too (on a recording with a two minute early buffer). It’s easy enough to watch the start of these programs on plus7, but pretty annoying if watching live and it’s not up yet.

  2. I don’t think it’s technically a show starting early, i think it’s just starting less late than what the EPG says. It’s still late.

    Took a fresh look at Ten. But i’ve ruled out watching Hawaii Five 0, The Good Wife, NCIS, New Girl now because they all started late. Maybe try an even fresher approach Ten and start shows on time.

  3. as a point of interest, I for example, would hardly ever be reporting on Ch9’s very common practice of severe overruns on programs- because i now refuse to watch 99% of their shows! & for the very reason this post is about- nearly every show on Ch9 in prime time runs more than 20 mins over time. that combined with Eddie Everywhere means that I simply don’t watch Ch9, most of the time!

  4. Yep, Something was going on with 7 on Sunday, I missed the start of Strike Back and threw off my recordings for the rest of the night… same may have happened with Suits, but I can’t remember now!

  5. Shows starting early are a bigger problem than starting late. Starting late you can prepare for by adding time to the end of a recording, or, if watching live, you just wait for the show to start. If a show starts early without warning, you miss its start whether recording or watching live.

  6. You can’t please some people – they complain when a program is late and then they complain when it’s early! What do they want – programs to start at the advertised time or something?

  7. I found I had the opposite problem in Seven on Monday night (8 th Oct). I reckon there was almost 5 minutes missing from the start of my iQ recordings of The Amazing Race and Up All Night. Also missed some of the start of Grey’s Anatomy on Tues.

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