Seven’s troll-busting stunt beaten by Nine in Sydney & Melbourne

Ratings: Seven News didn't win in Sydney or Melbourne despite its high-profile troll-busting stunt.

Seven’s ploy with Charlotte Dawson troll-busting did not win at 6pm in Sydney or Melbourne, beaten by Nine News.

In the story, Dawson confronted young Twitter users who had sent her abusive tweets, questioning them as to their online behaviour. In a report yesterday Dawson said she did the report for “closure” and acknowledged in the story that she exposes social media trolls. There are reports a private detective was also used to track down some of the interview subjects (Lifeline: 13 11 14).

Seven News did win in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth but not the two biggest markets.

Seven Network won on Tuesday 32.4% then Nine 26.7%, ABC 17.5%, TEN 17.3% and SBS 6.2%.

The X Factor was 1.44m for Seven then Winners and Losers (1.11m), Seven News (1.1m), Today Tonight (982,000), Home and Away (946,000), Grey’s Anatomy (555,000), Deal or No Deal (460,000) and Smash (220,000).

The Big Bang Theory topped Nine with 1.2m / 901,000 for Nine then Nine News (1.00m), Big Brother (916,000), ACA (888,000), 2 Broke Girls (819,000), Two and a Half Men (702,000), Hot Seat (567,000), Mike and Molly (467,000) and Survivor (246,000).

ABC News won at 7pm with 1.03m for ABC1 followed by 7:30 (802,000), Foreign Correspondent (589,000), Life at 7 (523,000), Qi (493,000), Time Team (256,000) and Artscape (238,000).

NCIS was best for TEN on 632,000. TEN News was 596,000, Modern Family was 577,000, NCIS: LA was 450,000, The Project 6pm was 348,000 and I Will Survive ended on a lowly 321,000.

Who Do You Think You Are? pulled 305,000 for SBS ONE then Insight (211,000), Dateline (157,000) and World News Australia (148,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 243,000

Tuesday 23 October 2012


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  1. I can’t comment on the story subject because I never watch commercial TV’s so-called ‘news’ but it’s reassuring to read that so many posters realise that commercial TV ‘news’ is merely excrement – excrement rolled in glitter – but none-the-less still excrement! No amount of live crosses to reporters standing in empty streets (hours after the event!), snappy graphics or use of the word “emotional” can substitute for the integrity of professional journalism.

    To put it bluntly, commercial TV ‘news & current affairs’ is an insult to anyone with more than half a brain!

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