Warning …. here comes the sun

Daylight Saving begins this Sunday and a quick look at Thursday’s results is a clear reminder of how it will impact on TV ratings.

In Sydney and Melbourne yesterday the temperature topped 30 degrees. With the warm weather the numbers were down across the board. Only three shows topped the one million mark and all of them were News reports.

Early evening content was hit hard while the sushine still played, including Big Brother, TEN News and The Project.

Seven Network won the night with 31.2% then Nine 26.9%, TEN 19.9%, ABC 17.9% and SBS 4.2%.

Seven News was 1.09m for Seven then Brynne: My Bedazzled Life (930,000), Today Tonight (914,000), Home and Away (906,000), Beauty and the Geek Australia (892,000), How I Met Your Mother (716,000) and Deal or No Deal (442,000).

Nine News led Nine with 1.01m, A Current Affair was 936,000, Big Brother was 790,000, AFP was 716,000, Hot Seat was 564,000 and Inside was 496,000.

Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals was best for TEN with 581,000 / 499,000. TEN News was 562,000, Law and Order: SVU was 544,000 / 428,000 and The Project 6pm was 351,000.

ABC News (1.02m) topped ABC1 then Rake (794,000), Catalyst (736,000), 7:30 (731,000), Lowdown (375,000) and Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones (258,000).

Gourmet Farmer was 243,000 on SBS ONE then Destination Flavour (221,000), Two Greedy Italians.. Still Hungry (177,000) and World News Australia (140,000).

Big Bang was a big 385,000 on GO!

Thursday 4 October 2012.


  1. Doesn’t affect me.I use catch up for all my shows due to work schedules not allowing me to be home for them except on Rostered Night Off Day.

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