Warning …. here comes the sun

Ratings: Daylight Saving begins this Sunday and a quick look at Thursday's results is a clear reminder of how it will impact on TV ratings.

Daylight Saving begins this Sunday and a quick look at Thursday’s results is a clear reminder of how it will impact on TV ratings.

In Sydney and Melbourne yesterday the temperature topped 30 degrees. With the warm weather the numbers were down across the board. Only three shows topped the one million mark and all of them were News reports.

Early evening content was hit hard while the sushine still played, including Big Brother, TEN News and The Project.

Seven Network won the night with 31.2% then Nine 26.9%, TEN 19.9%, ABC 17.9% and SBS 4.2%.

Seven News was 1.09m for Seven then Brynne: My Bedazzled Life (930,000), Today Tonight (914,000), Home and Away (906,000), Beauty and the Geek Australia (892,000), How I Met Your Mother (716,000) and Deal or No Deal (442,000).

Nine News led Nine with 1.01m, A Current Affair was 936,000, Big Brother was 790,000, AFP was 716,000, Hot Seat was 564,000 and Inside was 496,000.

Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals was best for TEN with 581,000 / 499,000. TEN News was 562,000, Law and Order: SVU was 544,000 / 428,000 and The Project 6pm was 351,000.

ABC News (1.02m) topped ABC1 then Rake (794,000), Catalyst (736,000), 7:30 (731,000), Lowdown (375,000) and Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones (258,000).

Gourmet Farmer was 243,000 on SBS ONE then Destination Flavour (221,000), Two Greedy Italians.. Still Hungry (177,000) and World News Australia (140,000).

Big Bang was a big 385,000 on GO!

Thursday 4 October 2012.

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  1. @ stevie g – exactly right. In any case fast-tracking will do absolutely nothing to stop the illegal downloading of shows. People who do this do so because:

    1) They can
    2) They do not have to view the ads
    3) They think it makes them look “cool” to their mates

    And a whole mess of other reasons. None of which are justifiable IMO **shrugs**

  2. Daylight savings is of greater value the further you are away from the equator. In North Qld there is little advantage and it’s not worth the cost so they vote against it.

    In Sydney it stops the sun rising at 4.30am in Dec, saves a bit of power and makes for pleasant evenings so I like it.

    I had a look at 6 shows in Sydney that have fairly steady ratings and they were down an average of 8% on last week. And that is just one warm night.

    DSL is yet to affect things. People stay in the pub after work, or go to the movies, shops and restaurants and stay out longer.

  3. Channel 10 probably aren’t that interested in Glee, as it has lost most of its audience. They will probably just wait till after the School Holidays as a lot of its audience are school kids. They would be more likely to show Glee over summer than save it for the ratings lineup in 2013.

    Ten has started NCIS, NCIS LA, H5-O, and NG, some of their popular shows. The GW is starting next week. They probably don’t want to rush everything into the schedule at once.

  4. @craig
    Fans of a show will follow it no matter what. But then they often record episodes which advertisers aren’t interested in.

    A large part of the audience is made up of people who flick around and find what is most interesting to them. Any break in routine can shift their habits.

    Revenge’s audience dropped from 1.76m at the end of March to 1.1m after Easter, even though Channel 7 kept it on as much as possible to try and maintain momentum. It took several weeks to get back to 1.3m. This was because people got out of the habit of it being much see and started recording it or skipping it.

  5. To ryan (and everyone to this)

    Let me point out something. Just because there is daylight saving or not does not mean you are having trouble sleeping.. can’t view big brother show earlier or 1 hour late or such. Seriously day light saving is just 1 hour change back or forth. All we have to do is just live normal. Its not like there are set of rules in which you must go to sleep. When more likely you would end up going to sleep roughly around midnight for example. Not set of times. And same goes for big brother. Don’t change your clocks.. just leave it how it is and continue to watch everything as normal. You change that clock of yours and your going to start getting confused and all that. I believe brisbane had daylight saving in 1990 for a year? i recall something about that.

    Its quite stupid to have daylight saving while qld does not have it.. what do they think this is…. qld another country? get real thats all i should say to the politicians.

  6. “Glee” now goes off air in the States for 4-5 weeks. I thought Ten would start it now, so when it returns they could start using the “fast tracking”term, but I am thinking it looks like Ten is now going to hold onto “Glee”till next year when the station’s ratings recover a little across the board. Would this be accurate?

  7. @ NCIS fan & deedeedragons:
    The northern areas of Qld are further west than Brisbane. So while the sun rises in Brisbane @ 4:45am it is a more decent 5:30 (I think in areas like Cairns and Townsville. Plus Mt Isa which is further west the sun rises even later so if daylight savings happened the sun could rise @ 7:30 instead of the EST of 6:30. This is why there is resistance to Daylight savings in QLD.

  8. When daylight savings was first introduced, my first wife was living on a farm in the Riverina.

    Her mother would bring her favourite cows into the house overnight to save having to close the curtains too early…

    I should have known the marriage was doomed…

  9. Doesnt everyone goes to the beach and not go back to the living room when its over 30 something + degress? i thought when the heat comes everyones goes out at the beach and mountains.. The tv is left like a disaster just like december and january when most stuff on tv is all on a holiday break.

  10. Can You give us an update on what Foxtel will be bringing us this Summer?

    shameless season 3. Weeds season 8. the Chicago code season 2. True Blood season 3 (which was meant to be airing on fox8).

  11. @sav001 – that’s no excuse, Grimm was off for several weeks after showing 4 eps in Aug/Sept but Foxtel managed to fast track them all the same week as the US. Viewers are not dumb, then will watch when a show is on and as long as they are told a show is on a break (in the US) they will return when it comes back.

    FTA continues to treat it’s viewers with contempt only showing selected shows when they want to in a desperate ratings grab and thinking the rest of us don’t have fast Internet where we can find out info on our shows any time we want.

  12. @deedeedragons –> what’s the reason for QLD’s lack of willingness? if they joined in, there would be less confusion and lead to a better QLD and even a more prosperous state economy.

  13. We will be 3 hours behind in Perth. I wish Foxtel would either change their +2 channels to +3 channels during the summer for Perth viewers or start repeating their primetime shows at 10.30pm-1.30am.

  14. The trickiest thing for DLS is those of us in QLD with Foxtel, all the shows shift 1 hour earlier, really messes with your mind @firstworldproblems.

    Fast tracking – It works just fine when it’s actually fast tracked, Homeland will be almost 2 weeks old by the time TEN airs the first ep of S2 on the 14th. Also notice a TEN promo last night going on about their fast tracked shows and Glee was listed, today the 4th ep of the current season will air in the US and we still have no air date for in on TEN.

    How is that ‘fast tracking’?

  15. I personally hate that radio especially and tv is an hour out. In Qld we are behind in tv and radio. So when I try the online radio I have missed an hour.
    With XFactor ‘Live’ shows or anything we can be an hour out!
    I just wish all Eastern states could adjust by 1/2 hr to be fair to all. That way north Qld are not too hard done by & the SE Qld can be inline with NSW and Vic (and even SA if they jump an hour).

  16. I would imagine the TV networks hate Daylight Saving. Having to split the network into an additional time zone with the whole thing being recorded and turned around for Queensland but the Gold Coast falling into a grey area where people can see everything an hour earlier from northern NSW.

    Radio stations are especially disadvantaged not being able to run phone-in quizzes nationally or having interstate listeners phoning talkback shows only to be told by receptionists that the subject being discussed is now closed and no further correspondence will be entered into.

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