Bills mount for Jason Gann after civil case ruling

Wilfred star Jason Gann is facing bankruptcy after failing to pay $325,000 in damages to a bus driver he assaulted at Flemington Racecourse in 2007.

The Sunday Age reports there is also another $200,000 in legal fees and court costs.

Gann pleaded guilty to the case in which Joseph Hosny was assaulted after Gann attempted to board a shuttle bus whilst still intoxicated.

Lawyer  John Karantzis of Nowicki Carbone, said Hosny hasn’t worked since, is homeless, has suicidal thoughts and his marriage has broken down.

“We will pursue Mr Gann and use all available legal means of redress in Australia and the US to ensure he complies with his obligations. We understand that he earns more than $1 million per year, while our client is destitute and homeless as a result of Mr Gann’s actions,” he said.

Gann says he was unable to pay the $400,000 needed to defend his own civil case, “…so the judgment is what it is. Now, we all shall do as we must,” he said.

Gann says he pleaded guilty to avoid a criminal conviction, which would have stopped him from working in the US.


  1. He may not be able to pay it so easily. I think however in a case like this, you don’t draw it you, you try and pay and at least try and get the victim to sign a non disclosure agreement about it. So it can hopefully just go away.

    I don’t know the circumstances with this, but it at least doesn’t sound or look good for him. Where’s the PR people advising him?

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