Bumped: ET, The Insider, Wurrawhy, CBS This Morning. Update: Judge Judy.

TEN has revealed schedule changes in the wake of Breakfast soon to take its exit.

TEN has revealed schedule changes in the wake of Breakfast soon to take its exit.

It will be replaced by a mix of CBS This Morning, Wurrawhy, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.

New eps of Judge Judy will air at 9am (it’s still scheduled at 3pm too, presumably as replays). Other lifestyle shows screen in the morning.

5.30 – 700 : CBS This Morning
7:00 – Wurrawhy
7:30 – Entertainment Tonight
8:00- The Insider
8:30 – The Bold and The Beautiful – rpt
9:00 – Judge Judy
9:30 – Everyday Gourmet
10:00 – Good Chef/Bad Chef
10:30 – Boys Weekend
11:00 – The Living Room rpt

The changes take effect from Monday December 3rd.

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  1. Just Move the Bold and the Beautiful back to 1pm like it was before 1996.I grew up in an era where after school between 4 and 5pm It was a full hour of kids shows not 30 minutes of that and some rubbish soap.

  2. The new morning line-up brings new meaning to the term ‘filler’… what an utterly uninspired, pathetic line-up of shows. Execs at Seven and Nine must be rubbing their hands with glee because that’s more daytime audience share coming across to them without a doubt.
    What’s the point of moving CBS This Morning to a later slot?
    And, as other have noted, the apparent demise of any news programming in this day-part is – sadly – another huge knock to the credibility of Ten as a serious domestic newsgathering outfit. Pre-‘Breakfast’ the Ten Early News from 6am offered a pretty decent one-hour bulletin approach at that time – a a useful alternative to the more magazine-style Sunrise and Today shows.

  3. All they needed to do was get rid of Paul Henry, lure over Cameron Williams from Today and build on it. It wasn’t the show that was the problem – it was Paul Henry. Anyone could see that. How he got to be in such a position after the crap he pulled in NZ god only knows. And worse, it seems he has a prime role to return to. What’s he got on these guys at the top?

  4. Wow that is terribly random. I just don’t get that lineup at all.

    Back to back encores of “The Project” at 6,7 and 8 would have been better.

    Test the waters out for a panel type morning comedy news show, increase exposure for 6.30pm panel and warm the slot up for the future.

    No one watches more than an hour of TV in the AM, so the “Project” on loop for 3 hours would be perfect. Like ESPN does with sportscentre

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