Carla Bonner, Nicola Charles, Scott McGregor returning to Neighbours.

Three Neighbours fan favourites are returning to Ramsay Street along with a brand new family, in 2013.

Steph Scully (Carla Bonner) and Sarah Beaumont (Nicola Charles) both return to Ramsay Street, along with Detective Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) -who was even killed off.

Brennan’s character left the series under witness protection and was killed in off-screen storylines. The new casting release indicates he was “believed” to have been killed. A classic soapie twist it seems….

Nicola Charles’ character created dynamic storylines between Susan and Karl Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne, Alan Fletcher) whilst Carla Bonner is one of the show’s most enduring fan favourites.

Also joining the cast is Kate Kendall (Stingers) as as Lauren Turner, daughter of Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver). Josef Brown will play her husband, Erinsborough’s newly appointed police sergeant Matt Turner and their teenage children are Mason (Taylor Glockner), Amber (Jenna Rosenow) and Bailey (Calen MacKenzie). The Turner family is pictured below…

TEN Executive Producer of Drama and Production, Rick Maier, said: “Neighbours is always at its most compelling when fans are rewarded for their commitment. Next year’s new stories and all-star cast just look and feel fantastic. Steph Scully back on Ramsay Street? Sarah Beaumont? And some people thought Erinsborough was such a quiet place to live…

“We are thrilled that they are returning to Ramsay Street and equally excited to be introducing a new family with original ties to the neighbourhood.”

Taking on the role of Lauren Turner, Kate Kendall added: “It’s exciting to be joining Australia’s longest running drama and to be working with such an array of experienced actors. To be playing a character such as Lauren Turner who is deeply embedded in the storyline and who of course is Lou Carpenter’s daughter is such a wonderful opportunity.”

Character Biographies:
Sarah Beaumont
(Nicola Charles)
Sarah Beaumont was the hospital receptionist, who had an affair with married man Karl Kennedy in 1997. It was the affair that left Ramsay Street in tatters. Sarah was also friends with Karl’s wife Susan who was left devastated. All the details of their tryst were eventually brought to light when Sarah returned to Erinsborough in 2005.

Stephanie Scully
(Carla Bonner)
It all seemed to come undone for Steph after falling pregnant to best friend Libby’s husband Dan and then pretending the baby was Toadie’s and then finally getting married to cover up the infidelity. With Paul Robinson finally outing the shocking truth, Steph’s friendship with Libby was destroyed and in turn, a
misguided and fatal decision saw her tragically hit Ringo while riding her motorbike. Steph was charged with manslaughter and reckless driving. She was sent to prison for six years before being moved to a low security prison in Bendigo.

Detective Mark Brennan
(Scott McGregor)
Our hearts melted when Kate Ramsay and Detective Mark Brennan finally got together. They were the perfect couple, so it seemed, and the residents of Ramsay Street relished seeing them both find happiness. It didn’t last long though after Detective Brennan blew the whistle on a corrupt colleague, he was forced to go into witness protection and, when Kate didn’t make it in time to flee with him; their relationship came to a sudden end. Kate was left to grieve months later when Toadie discovered Brennan was supposedly killed whilst in hiding.


  1. It’s good to see some of the old timers come back.Bring back the Atkins Family(Ben/Nick and Caitlin Can someone fill me in on If She and Lance were actually related to pretend date).

  2. @deedeedragons, while Kate Kendall is 39 and her real life child is only 3, it would not be impossible for her to be a parent of teens. The character of Lauren Carpenter left in 1994, married off screen and had a son called Mason, so all that seems to follow. The only retcon may be that her husband was called Mark not Matt, but they have another character called Mark coming back so this could have caused some confusion on screen.

  3. Conner returning has became a joke but I guess the idea was to let toadie have some fun before the baby comes along.

    as for Steph returning… who is she returning to? there is no one on the street for her… Lucas has moved on, Toadie has moved on… and Sarah? I was glad to see the back of her, maybe this is how they will write Susan out… she finally gets her revenge on Sarah….

    and Lou’s family… I’m guessing either Lou’s days are number or his families is. remember when Harold’s family moved in… then they all died in a plane crash….

    If you want to bring someone back that will throw a spanner in the works. bring Dee back, They never did find her body…

    Brennan, all I have to say is Yum!!

  4. This sure beats the news of Connor’s return. Those scenes have been an embarrassment. It reminded my why I wanted Connor to be one of the deaths in the plane crash over the Tasman.
    I really don’t know what stories are left for Steph now. It’s not like she has any friends left in the street after her last year of lies and death of Ringo and her character has already been through so much in 11 years of being on the show.
    Great to see Lauren return, I’ve been waiting for this for some time. It will hopefully give Lou a reason to be in a scene without it being unfunny, implausible and ridiculous. Surely Tom Oliver can see how much of a nothing his character has turned into. One thing though, Tom Oliver has been on a part-time arrangement for a year or so now. The on-screen excuse was that he was usually visiting Lauren. He’ll need a new excuse now. And what ever happened to the woman he went to the UK with? We haven’t seen her since.
    The only thing we need now is for the sets to be overhauled to look less fake and ugly. Number 32 needs an overhaul and they need to find their missing kitchen, we haven’t seen it in years and it was the best of of them all.

  5. The Sarah Beaumont biog is incorrect. The details of her and Carls tryst came out back in 1998. It led to increased ratings and cemented Susan and Carl as Ramsay Street ledgends. Sarah only made a cameo appearance in 2005.

  6. I’ve really enjoyed the recent return of Connor, so its great that more characters are coming back. For a show with as rich a history as Neighbours has, this has certainly been a long time coming. I’ve always thought that previous characters could come back with a family of their own, so the return of Lauren Carpenter is great. It also gives Lou a valid reason to still be in Ramsay street, which he hasn’t had for some years.

    Are the others returning as guests or regulars? Hopefully Libby can return too, with either Kim Valantine or Micheala Banas in the role.
    Now if only they could convince Jason Donovan or Craig Maclaclan to make a return visit.

  7. I’m with you, J Bar. Very happy to see Kate Kendall back on telly. I was a massive Stingers fan and loved her as Angie.

    I’m intrigued by Scott McGregor’s return. He did seem to leave abruptly (from my understanding he quit, rather than be let go/contract expired?).
    Would love to see a Kate v Steph battle for his affections. Also looking forward to seeing how Lucas will handle Steph’s return.

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